Episodes 111 and 112 Review

And that ends the shortest story arc I’ve attempted in Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium. These two episodes really served as the finale to both the plots of Chaos and Order. I’ve actually been building up for these episodes since the introduction of Order. When I first introduced Themis, I had no doubt in my mind that I would resurrect him in some way. I didn’t how until more recently, but I knew it had to be done. Also originally, Themis wasn’t going to be an immortal entity of Order, just a normal Lord of Order (well…at least as normal as a Lord of Order can be) that faked his own death to manipulate Ma’at. Then I started thinking about what I wanted the conclusion to the Order sub-plot to be. I couldn’t just end it with Ma’at staying as a Guardian of Order, but I couldn’t have him simply defecting back to the Society of Chaos. I needed something more meaningful. That’s where the idea for Order’s origin came from. When Themis pointed out that Ma’at’s Neo-Eunomia had New Order in its name for a reason, that’s actually something I’ve been planning from the beginning. I new that when it came time for Themis duel, his deck would be called the New World Order, as a pun on the concept, and the fact that he follows Order. Speaking of the New World Order deck, it’s worth pointing out that the four Evolution Monsters of the deck were based off of various secret societies. Master Mason represented the Free Masons, Templar Knight the Knight’s Templar, Rose Cross the Rosicrucians, and Illuminati, obviously, the Illuminati.

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Season 5 Premiere: Episode 108: Odyssey of Order

Season 5, the final season, is now out! Read the first episode here.

In this season Yuni and Ma’at must first embark on an Odyssey of Order in the Realm of Order and face a threat who seeks to destroy both Chaos and Order as we know it. Then it’s a journey across time and space as Yuni, Seto, and friends race to save the galaxy from a dark threat as old as Yugoha itself, gathering allies from the past along the way.

In this episode, Yuni and Ma’at begin their Odyssey of Order when they are pulled into the Realm of Order against their will. There they find an opponent who claims to be a part of secret sect of the Guardians of Order and seeks to destroy Ma’at and Yuni.

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Episode 88: Hidden History Part 1

Episode 88 can be found here.

Ma’at and the Guardians of Order have discovered ancient ruins deep below the Great Wall of China. Now Ma’at must channel his inner archaeologist and find what secrets are hidden within these ruins. What e finds there is nothing less than world shattering information on both his own past and that of the Yugohan Empire.

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Episode 82 Review

First off, I’m going to apologize. My summer break just started, and I’ve been away from home, so I haven’t been able to type. Now, let’s get down to business. In this episode we have the second strike of the mysterious Light group. This episode is set up for future conflict between the Guardians of Order and Society of Chaos. The deck used by Eos, the Judgment deck, was actually conceived only minutes before I started writing the episode. I have been wanting to do a deck based off of mythological creatures for a while now. This episode presented that opportunity. Random fact, the Leviathan of Judgment was the first Sea Serpent monster I’ve ever created.

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Episode 82: Disorder

The next episode is out now. Read it here.

Ma’at desperately attempts to keep the Guardians of Order out of war and maintain the peace. That peace however is suddenly shattered when Ma’at learns that a once trusted member of the Guardians has betrayed the society. Now Ma’at must fight against her and learn of her true motives.

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Episode 80 Review

This episode was the first time that we’ve seen Ma’at since loosing to Yuni. It obvious that the combination of the vision of the first Lord of Order and Yuni’s mercy towards him has had a major impact on him. Ma’at’s question of the true meaning of Order only gets more complicated when e learns that the New Yugohans use Order as well. One thing I have to admit to. Normally when making the names of cards, I try to use names that would actually appear in the TCG or English anime, including the censoring. “Demon” becomes “Archfiend”, “Death” becomes “Des,” “Angel” becomes “Archlord,” and so on. I let that slip a little by calling an archetype the Cult of Order, since it would never be allowed to be called a cult in English. I thought that it was just too good of a name to give up, and not all that bad, so I did it anyways. However, I did sensor some other card ideas. The card Ritual Supply might have been called Volunteers for Tribute in Japan (you get it, right?). The same applied to several other cards used by Valex.

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Episode 38 Review

***Spoiler Alert***

This episode was one of my most emotional ones yet. In our previous encounter of Ma’at, he had no depth as a character and next to no back story. The main purpose of this episode was to set up his background and make him into a real character. Also in this episode, I have the death of Themis, the Lord of Order. I introduced Themis purely for the purpose of this episode, to launch Ma’at into his position as the new Lord of Order. To elaborate on Themis’ illness, he was supposed to be so connected to the Cosmic Order, that when the balance was shifted towards darkness, he became terminally sick. A little history, Themis had been sick since Apep first became fully possessed by darkness, which means he was sick when he first took on Ma’at as a student.

***End Spoiler Alert***

Look out for Episode 39, coming soon!

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