Episode 131: Power of the King Part 2

The final episode of the Capsule Monsters arc is here now.

Yugi is locked in the ultimate game with Ottiuk. If he wins, the Power of the King is safe once again. If he loses, Ottiuk gains power beyond comprehension, and Yugi may be destroyed once more.

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Episode 130: Power of the King Part 1

Episode 130 can be read here.

Yuni finally reunites with Yugi, but unfortunately its not how he imagined. Now the two of them, along with Yugi’s friends are thrown into the game of survival and strategy against none other but Ottiuk the Spirit of Darkness.

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Episode 116 Review

The Battle of Atlantis is an interesting topic, because it was so crucial to the Waking the Dragons arc, and yet there was so little information given on it. Obviously the purpose of this episode was to help give some story to this barely known event. The original show almost seemed to infer that the entire War of Atlantis was simply this one battle. As I’ve already shown, the war has been going on for much longer than that. One thing to note is opening scene when Ironheart summoned the Knights of Atlantis. My scene was almost directly taken from what we see in one of the episodes in the original series. I tweaked it slightly to fit the situation, but that can be attributed to any changes made to the timeline by Otto and Yuni. The point of showing this scene was to help explain one of the biggest contraindications made during the Waking the Dragons arc. If when Ironheart first asked for there help, the Knights of Atlantis were already dragons, then why did Dartz have to seal them away to turn them into dragons later? I made it so that they can be in any form, as they wish, and Dartz merely trapped them in one of those forms.

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Episode 116: The Battle of Atlantis

Make sure to check out the next episode, found here.

Having found Timaeus, Critias, and Hermos, Yuni and Seto must team up with them and Ironheart to stop Dartz and Otto’s Atlantean persona, Ottikus. Now they lead the charge in what promises to be the climatic battle of the War of Atlantis.

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Episode 113 Review

And with this episode, just as it has for Earth, the beginning of the end has arrived for Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium. It was a fairly simple episode, so I really don’t have much to talk about. Back before I started writing, when the entire series was still in planning, this was one of the original episode ideas I came up with. Of course, back then it was completely different. Cosmo and Celestia had yet to be conceived, and the plot involved no space travel. Really, the only thing that stick was Otto beginning his master plan.

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