Episode 80 Review

This episode was the first time that we’ve seen Ma’at since loosing to Yuni. It obvious that the combination of the vision of the first Lord of Order and Yuni’s mercy towards him has had a major impact on him. Ma’at’s question of the true meaning of Order only gets more complicated when e learns that the New Yugohans use Order as well. One thing I have to admit to. Normally when making the names of cards, I try to use names that would actually appear in the TCG or English anime, including the censoring. “Demon” becomes “Archfiend”, “Death” becomes “Des,” “Angel” becomes “Archlord,” and so on. I let that slip a little by calling an archetype the Cult of Order, since it would never be allowed to be called a cult in English. I thought that it was just too good of a name to give up, and not all that bad, so I did it anyways. However, I did sensor some other card ideas. The card Ritual Supply might have been called Volunteers for Tribute in Japan (you get it, right?). The same applied to several other cards used by Valex.

Until next time, duel on!


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