Episode 94: Brothers in Arms Part 2

Sorry for the wait, Episode 94 is here.

Kodane is forced to duel Seto’s adversary, Zant, in a sinister duel using the Malevolent Soul Engine of Tyria. Meanwhile, Seto is forced to watch. Seto learns the true nature of this duel when he is assaulted with a vision of the ancient past.

Until next time, duel on!


Magnetar Blast

Finally, here’s the first booster pack of Season 4.

Name: Magnetar Blast

Abbreviation: MGBT

Cover Card: Cosmic Magnetar Cannon, the Dragon Guardian of Yugoha

Contains cards from episodes 78-85

Introduces the following archetypes: Antimatter, Cult of Order, Incarnate, Judgment, and Astromancer

Also includes cards from the following archetypes: Cyber-Tech, Plasma, Cosmic, Order, Alien, and Toon

Contains card used by Yuni Oha, Zex Vor, Seto Ossius, Zant Kern, Ma’at, Valex Gi, Apollo, Eos, and Kodane Ossius.

Episode 84 and 85 Review

I have no idea why, but I completely forgot to do the reviews last night. Better late than never.

Let’s start this off with a confession. The Astromancer monsters used by Kern were based off of famous astronomers and astrophysicists. One minor one mentioned, but not used was Astromancer Holloman. There is no famous astronomer/astrophysicist with the name Holloman. That’s my name. When I grow up, I want to be an astrophysicist, so I thought it might be fun to throw my name in there.

Now for the normal review. These episodes primary focus was to bring Kodane in as a more important character to the series. Up until now he’s only tagged along with Seto. He might have been a plot device, but he wasn’t really a character, until now. Also, I gave Kodane a Toon deck, which I thought was fitting, since he’s a child. At first I was against the idea, since Toon monsters are shown to be so powerful in the original series, but eventually I decided that that could make it even more interesting. He’s playing with a very powerful deck, but he’s not the best at it. A quick note on the Toon cards I made, I never really got why Toons were based off of cartoons, but were supported by a book, so I made TV themed Toon support. An interesting thing to note, between these episodes, and the ones where Seto and Celestia dueled, we actually know a lot more about Prince Seto than we do about Prince Yu-Gi-Oh. This was completely unintentional on my part.

Until next time, duel on!

Episode 85: Super Ossius Bros. Part 2

And here it is, episode 85.

Seto, Kodane, Zant, and Kern’s duel continues. Zant and Kern continue to attack Kodane, whose novice status shows itself. Seto is forced to decide between protecting himself and his best chances at winning or his brother. At the same time, Seto is assaulted with visions of his Yugohan counterpart, Prince Seto.

Until next time, duel on!

Episode 84: Super Ossius Bros. Part 1

Episode 84 is out. Read it here.

Seto is after the New Yugohans, but Kodane refuses to be left behind. Now Seto and Kodane are both forced into a duel with Zant, Seto’s New Yugohan rival. During Kodane’s first official duel, can Seto manage to fight his opponent and protect his little brother at the same time?

Until next time, duel on!

Episode 79 Review

While the last episode was the season premiere, this episode set the tone for the season, and this is only the beginning of the invasion to come. I’ll admit it, I am a supporter of the Ancient Astronaut Theory (for those who don’t know, it claims the thousands of years ago aliens came to Earth and their due to their advanced technology, humans thought that they were gods), and I’m basically invoking that theory in saying the the New Yugohans left behind Vanguards in the form of ancient monuments. I also have to admit, when making the character of Zant, I did borrow a little bit from Zexal, primarily from the character of Mizar (He has a dragon that is part of two archetypes, one of them being shared with Kite’s dragon). I couldn’t help myself, I thought it was too good of a chance to pass up, not to mention, it allowed me to reference the Red-Eyes Black Dragon, which happens to be my favorite card (explains some things about the Legend of Chaos, doesn’t it?).

Until next time, duel on!