Episode 125 Review

Sorry about the long wait, I just started college, and have been too busy figuring out my life to write episodes. That being said, I hope to get into a more regular schedule from this point on.

Now, down to business. Definitely the most important take-away from this episode is in how it relates to the movie The Pyramid of Light. Throughout the episode I inferred in several different ways that this arc of episodes is actually a prequel to the movie. Most important of those are that if it weren’t for Yuni’s Chaos enchantment, the Dagger of Fate wouldn’t be powerful enough to stop Anubis. Also, the prophecy that tells how defeat Anubis and the Pyramid of Light actually originates in the Pharaoh’s memories of the future. In the science fiction community is known as either a predestination paradox or a temporal causality loop. That means that there is no technical source of an event, instead, two events cause each other in an endless loop through time. These two things pretty much confirm something I’ve been inferring since the beginning of the arc, which is not only does the Pyramid of Light take place in a alternate timeline, but it takes place in the timeline created when Yuni and his friends went back in time to recruit Atem and Priest Seto.

Speaking of Priest Seto, the other major point of this episode was to wrap up his story with Aknadin, his father. I had always felt like the way Aknadin was dealt with in Dawn of the Duel was a little poor. He defeated and sent to the Shadow Realm. There was no real closure between him and Priest Seto. It wasn’t like he necessarily deserved it, but it could have made for a better story. So, I used that here (and I’m sure just about anyone can guess what movie inspired that final scene between Priest Seto and Aknadin).

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Episode 125: Events Predetermined

Episode 125, the finale of the Millennium Era Arc is here.

The time for the final battle with Anubis is at hand. Atem, Yuni, and friends have forged the powerful Dagger of Fate and are ready for their rematch. Will this be enough, or will the Lord of the Dead send them to the Realm of the Dead?

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Episode 123 Review

This episode was meant to depict the events explained in the movie, The Pyramid of Light. In the movie, a battle between the Pharaoh and Anubis, and Anubis using the power of the Pyramid of Light to his advantage and his might Andro Sphinx and Sphinx Teleia, nearly defeats the Pharaoh. Surprisingly enough, despite the importance of this battle to the plot of the movie, we have absolutely no in-depth description or depiction of that battle. So I provided it instead. Speaking of them movie, it should be noted that in one of the most extreme moves I have made, I changed the continuity of the movie compared to the show. In case you didn’t catch it, I explained that the movie doesn’t actually take place in the same timeline as the original show. My reason for this is that there’s no other way it could work. Anubis clearly recognizes Atem as the Pharaoh, and because of this, he must have battled with Atem while he was Pharaoh. The problem with this is that in the Dawn of the Duel, we see Atem’s entire reign as Pharaoh, from the moment he was crowned, to the moment he left Egypt forever. There’s no way that the traditional timeline could handle the backstory of the Pyramid of Light, so I used time travel and  parallel timelines to justify it.

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Episode 122 Review

Bet you weren’t expecting that. I’d recently watched the Pyramid of Light, and was thinking about how its place in the Ancient Egypt story line had never been explained. On top of that, the origin of Anubis and the Pyramid of Light itself really needed to be explained. It’s odd that we have this pseudo-Millennium Item, but literally no backstory behind it. As soon as I realized this, I knew that I had to base the Ancient Egypt arc off of Anubis, because there was so much story potential. I started thinking about what this origin story should be. I quickly decided that the Pyramid of Light should be an attempt by Anubis to recreate the Millennium Puzzle and gain power equal or greater than the Pharaoh’s. Then, while I was re-watching the Dawn of the Duel arc, I realized that the Millennium Spellbook had no story either. I figured that the item that is the source of the Millennium Items themselves really needed some more story of its own as well. It was the perfect fit with the origin of the Pyramid of Light. Through in Aknadin, as he was the creator of the original Millennium Items, and I had what I think is a great idea for a story.

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