Episode 100: Where No Duelist Has Gone Before

The 100th Episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium is out now! This monumental episode can be found here!

Invasion has come to Earth. The New Yugohan Empire has begun its relentless attack on Earth, and only Yuni, Seto, and Ma’at can stop it. Meanwhile, Zenith begins his sinister experimentation on Brutus.

I’d to thank you all for reading. It’s been almost exactly two years now, and 100 episodes, and it’s been great. It means so much to me that you all enjoy my story.

Until next time, duel on!


Episodes 97-99 Review

Sorry for the wait, but I’m back!

First things first, these episodes were originally meant to be only a two parter, but I found the the second part was a little too long, so I split it further. On the subject of Sartorius’ revival, it had always stuck with me that at the end of the GX Society of Light arc, they stressed that the Light of Destruction isn’t gone completely. As soon as the idea hit me to use the Society of Light, I knew I would have to finish off that open-ended plot. One interesting thing of note about the deck that Sartorius used: in case you don’t know, the Arcana Force monsters are based off the the Major Arcana of tarot cards. It always bugged me that there were missing Arcana Force monsters, when it was so obvious what could be done with them, so this was the perfect time to fill in the gaps, which I did. Counting the real Arcana Force monsters, the anime exclusive ones, and the ones I made, every single Major Arcana is now accounted for.

Sorry that I don’t have much else to say, but it’s been to long.

Until next time, duel on!