Episode 37: Bump in the Night

Episode 37: Bump in the Night is out now! Read it here.

In this episode, Brutus faces of against a Disciple of Darkness for the first time, but is he in over his head? What happens when Brutus has to face his greatest fear? Find out.

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Episode 36 Review

***Spoiler Alert***

Episode 36 was what I like to call the aftermath episode, the first episode after a major event. In this episode, obviously nothing that is major important happens, in fact this is the first episode to feature a member of the Disciples of Darkness that is not a major part of this season’s story. What this episode does do though, is show Yugi’s struggle to adapt back to dueling. Seeing as it has been 5,000 years since Yugi has dueled himself, not counting the previous episode, during which he was running on adrenaline, I thought it would be best to have him struggle a little.

***End Spoiler Alert***

Episode 37 coming soon! Look out for it.

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Episode 34 and 35 Review

Every time I post a new episode, I will review the previous one. Since the last episode was a two part, I will review both It’s Time to Duel! Part 1 and 2.

***Spoiler Alert***

I have had the idea for these episodes since the very beginning. As soon as I decided that Yugi was going to be sharing a body with Yuni, I knew that there had to be a point at which Yugi took control. I decided to have the Disciples of Darkness steal minds instead of souls for this specific episode. Since Yugi only exists as a mind, it wouldn’t make sense to have Yuni lose his soul and Yugi replace it. Up until this point, season two has been largely a mimic of the original series’ season two, but it is this episode that marks the turning point, differentiating the two. Also in these episodes, I introduced a new character. When I made Zenith, I wanted a character that knew Yuni for who he was, instead of just thinking he looked like Yugi. Zenith also helps to add a comical effect to a season that was getting pretty serious. Zenith will grow more important as the series goes on, so stay tuned.

***End Spoiler***

Look out for the next episode, coming soon.

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