Special Episode: Pendulums, Back in Action

First off, I would like to say, this is this website’s 100th post! Yay!

That’s right, you read it correctly, just released is a special episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium! Read it here.

So Arc-V has been out in Japan for three weeks now. In order to celebrate, I’ve created this special episode. The goal of the episode is to integrate new concepts from Arc-V, such as Pendulum Monsters/Summoning, Action Duels, and the new Genryuu type.

In this episode, in the aftermath of the World of Duel Tournament, a new pro-dueling star is rising. His name is Jean Foucault and his quest is to reintroduce the Action Duel and Pendulum Monsters to the world of dueling. Jean challenges Yuni, the newly crowned King of Games, to an exhibition Action Duel. How will Yuni fare in this duel, one of a type that is completely foreign to him?

Just so you guys know, I’ll be taking a short seasonal break for the next two or so weeks, but stick around, because I still might make a couple of posts here.

Until next time, duel on!


Episode 75: Inner Demons Part 1

Episode 75, the first of the three part finale event of Season 3: Guardian of the Balance, is out now! Make sure to read it here!

Yuni’s parents, Apep, Zenith, and Brutus have all fallen to Oblivion’s dark powers. Now, in the final duel of World of Duel Tournament, Yuni finally faces the Dark Lord for the title of King of Games and the fate of the world. Yuni, utilizing his full powers of Chaos,attacks Oblivion relentlessly, but is it enough?

Until next time, duel on!

Episode 68: The Chaos of Order Part 1

Episode 68 can be found here. Check it out.

After learning of the mysterious origins of Oblivion from Celestia, Yuni is put into a duel with one of his greatest rivals, Ma’at. But the last time these two dueled, they tied, and the time before that, Yuni lost. Can Yuni overcome his adversary for the first time and continue on in the World of Duel Finals? Don’t miss the ultimate showdown of Chaos and Order!

Until next time, duel on!

Episode 63 Review

***Spoiler Alert***

I think that it can go unsaid that my idea for this episode, along with the next few, were inspired by the Virtual World Arc of original Yu-Gi-Oh. This was one of my earlier concept ideas back when I was planning the World of Duel Tournament. I thought that it would add an interesting element to the finals. I figured that being a hunt for the next King of Games, the World of Duel needed to test people in aspects beyond just standard dueling. Yuni’s “duel” with Yugi was a last minute addition. I figured that it would be interesting to have the two battle each other.

***End Spoiler Alert***

Until next time, duel on!

Episode 63: Survival of the Fittest

Episode 63 is here now. See it here.

The World of Duel Finals kick off with a bang, when Yuni and the other finalists learn that they must compete in a virtual reality Survival Duel. In this do or die dueling adventure, will Yuni and friends be able to survive, or will they be kicked out of the tournament?

Until next time, duel on!