Episode 130: Power of the King Part 1

Episode 130 can be read here.

Yuni finally reunites with Yugi, but unfortunately its not how he imagined. Now the two of them, along with Yugi’s friends are thrown into the game of survival and strategy against none other but Ottiuk the Spirit of Darkness.

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Episode 128 Review

Okay, I know it’s a little pathetic to just kill Yugi off, and then revive him the next episode. In an ideal plot, I would have waited a couple of episodes at least to bring back Yugi, but that just wouldn’t work with the mini-arc format I’ve been using for this season. Not to mention, the inherent mechanic of time travel makes it a it harder too. If I’m going to use time travel to bring Yugi back, then it makes the most sense to do it right away. Also,  I realize that Yuni giving in to his dark emotions is a little overused by this point, but it fit so well here, and was the logical manifestation of both his grief of losing Yugi and his separation from Yugi that I just had to use it.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium The Movie: Into the Darkness

It may have taken a while, but the wait is over! The Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium movie is finally out. Make sure to read it here.

A feature-length episode from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium series! In this epic story Yuni is put face-to-face with specters from the past, both his and of the ancient Prince Yu-Gi-Oh’s, throwing him into a life or death fight for survival. With the help of his friends, Yuni must face his greatest fear: conquering the Darkness within him.

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Episode 75: Inner Demons Part 1

Episode 75, the first of the three part finale event of Season 3: Guardian of the Balance, is out now! Make sure to read it here!

Yuni’s parents, Apep, Zenith, and Brutus have all fallen to Oblivion’s dark powers. Now, in the final duel of World of Duel Tournament, Yuni finally faces the Dark Lord for the title of King of Games and the fate of the world. Yuni, utilizing his full powers of Chaos,attacks Oblivion relentlessly, but is it enough?

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Episodes 72 and 73 Review

First off, for anyone who didn’t get yesterday’s post, April Fools! That card sucks.

***Spoiler Alert***

These episodes featured yet another one of the first duels that I planned. Seto’s fall to Darkness and Yuni’s ascension to being the Lord of Chaos came partly due to my plans for these episode. These episodes also harkened back to the original Yu-Gi-Oh, when Yugi and Kaiba dueled in the Battle City Finals and fought their Egyptian God Cards against each other. Then to the mighty monsters destroyed each others, and the two rivals were forced into using both their ace cards and their upgrades.

***End Spoiler Alert***

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Brutal Force

It’s time for the next booster pack!

Name: Brutal Force

Abbreviation: BRFC

Cover Card: Brutanic Master Dragon

Includes cards from episodes: 7-11

Introduces the following archetypes: Flash Fire, Turbo, Band of Thieves, Darkness, and Shining.

Also includes cards from the following archetypes: Cyber-Tech and Chaos

Contains cards used by Brutus Marc, Yuni Oha, William, Mach, Goto, Lux, and Nox.

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