Episode 97: In the Cards Part 1

Episode 97 is out and here.

War has been declared. The Society of Light has launched an all out offensive against the Society of Chaos. Now Yuni must lead an army of his followers in order to defend their way of life, and stop the Society of Light once and for all.

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Episodes 95 and 96 Review

These episodes were a massive undertaking. The big purpose of them was to give Order the back story it lacked when compared to Chaos. While Chaos may have had three seasons to develop a story, Order had been fairly stagnant story-wise, and needed this for some catch-up. An interesting side-effect of these episodes was the story of Valex. In all honesty the original plan for these episodes was to bring in some story for Order and then have a final showdown. Last second I decided that Valex’s character had been to plain and flat. In all honesty, I thought it was boring to write for him. So I made the last minute addition to his character, and I feel that it worked out perfectly.

Episode 95: The Origin of Order Part 1

Episode 95 can be found here.

Ma’at, after days of searching, has finally found the location of the Lost Ruins of Order. Now he must team up with an unlikely partner to make it to the depths of the ruins and discover its secrets.

Just a note, we’re now only five episodes away from the 100th episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium!

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