Episode 140: Another Hope Part 4

This is it. The end is finally here.

Many times before have the twin princes Yu-Gi-Oh and Seto faced each other in battle, and just as many times have those battles been inconclusive. The time has finally come for a verdict to be reached. One way or another, an emperor will be decided, and the future of the Yugoha and the entire galaxy will finally be set. It’s the end of a 20,000 year old adventure.

Always duel on!


Episode 139: Another Hope Part 3

Make sure to read the third part of climatic duel of destiny here.

In this penultimate episode, the destined duel of Prince Yu-Gi-Oh and Prince Seto continues. In the midst of their epic conflict, the two stop to think about the reasons they each want to be emperor with such determination and what they’re fighting for.

The next episode is the final episode! I hope you’re all excited!

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Episode 137: Another Hope Part 1

This is it, the beginning of the end! The first part of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium series finale is here!

It’s over. Ottiuk is defeated, the Balance of Chaos is safe, Yugoha is ready to return, and everything seems right for once. But one question still remains. Yu-Gi-Oh or Seto, who is the true heir of Yugoha? The time to find out has finally arrived.

Until next time, duel on!

Episodes 134-136 Review

Let me start off by telling you how unreal it was writing these episodes. These were some of the very first episodes I planned for the series, and I’ve been constantly revising, adding to, and fine tuning my plans. Those years of planning culminated in these three episodes. One of my biggest disappointments with the original series was that the final battle wasn’t a duel, but, well, a battle. With dueling being the center-point of the franchise, Atem really should have defeated Zorc in a duel, at least that’s what I think. And as I think that, I made it a reality here. Ottiuk’s deck, the Hydra Heads, actually comes from back when I would come up with random deck ideas for fun and have imaginary duels in my mind. The Hydra Head deck was always one of my favorites. As soon as I decided to write Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium, I knew that the final duel had to have the main villain using them.

Another aspect of the cards used in the duel is the infinite ATK monsters used in the first turn. I got one review about it, and I’m assuming that others realized this as well, but Horackhty and the Knight of Destiny were nothing like their real-world counterparts. This was a case of me taking the liberty of being a writer of an anime-esque series. I worked under the assumption that Horackhty was given its game-winning effect to be a more realistic version of an infinite ATK monster, as it would be awkward to say the least to make an actual monster with infinite ATK. As for the Knight of Destiny, I don’t care if the printed card was called Timaeus the Knight of Destiny, Yugi never once calls it that in the show, so as far as I’m concerned, it’s name is simply the Knight of Destiny.

One final thing to talk about was the goal of these episodes. When I started this series, I had to very different plot points in motion. There was the plot focused on Chaos and the Balance, and their was the Yugoha plot. Sure, there was some interaction between the two plots, but for the most part, they were completely separate. This episode finally firmly established the important link between the two. The other purpose was to give an origin story to Duel Monsters. A simple glance at the original series would tell you that Ancient Egyptian Shadow Games were the origin. The problem is that through out all of the Yu-Gi-Oh series, we see that ancient cultures beyond just Egypt had their own forms of Shadow Games. A closer look suggests that Atlantis was the true origin. After the War of Atlantis, Ironheart’s monster army was scattered across the world, and this could have lead later societies to discover Duel Monsters. However, even closer looks suggest that even this isn’t the whole story. Both GX and Zexal suggest that Duel Monsters is more that just a game played on Earth, it is a fundamental concept across the Universe (or universes in Zexal’s case). Then of course my Yugoha story line outright shows that Duel Monsters exists beyond Earth. So I created an origin story linked to Yugoha. Yugoha created the Monster Spirit World, and countless other cultures over the millennia discovered it, and tapped into its power.

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Episode 136: Endgame Part 3

This is it, the ultimate duel has reached its final stage!

Yuni, Yugi, Atem, and Timaeus do all that they can defeat Ottiuk’s Doombringer Hydra, but how can you defeat a monster that gets more powerful the more you attack it? If that’s not bad enough, Ottiuk has one final, dark secret to reveal about Yugoha’s past, one that reveals the truth behind everything.

Until next time, duel on!