Episodes 103 and 104 Review

My original plan, way back when I first conceived of this season, was to have Zenith remain evil and have these episodes feature the final duel between Yuni and Zenith. Sometimes in Yu-Gi-Oh, it seems like the enemy is redeemed much to easily. It can make for better stories, but it also seems a little stereotypical at times. At first I wanted to avoid the stereotype by not giving Zenith redemption, but eventually I decided that it just wouldn’t make as good of a story, so I came up with the current idea and compromised. The way I compromised was by not necessarily redeeming Zenith. While we may know that he was sincere in his actions, as Xenox confirmed that, we never really learn if he was deserving of forgiveness and redemption. Ultimately, I left it up to you, the reader, whether or not he should be forgiven. So, what do you think? If anyone wants to leave a comment explaining their opinion, I’d be interested in reading them.

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Episode 104: Emergence Part 2

The final episode before the Season 4 finale is out now. Read it here.

Yuni and Xenox continue their duel for survival, but Yuni, still in a weakened state from his duel with Cassius is having trouble keeping up. When all odds are against Yuni, and he is pushed to his physical limits, can he overcome his pain and suffering to defeat the emergent personality that has taken control of Zenith?

Episode 103: Emergence Part 1

Look for episode 103 here.

Zenith leads Yuni and the rest of the group to a special lab in order to purge himself and Brutus of their invasive Mind Partners, but all does not go according to plan.  Meanwhile, Trope leads a strike team of Chaos to rescue Cosmo and Celestia, but encounter more resistance than expected.

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Episode 100: Where No Duelist Has Gone Before

The 100th Episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium is out now! This monumental episode can be found here!

Invasion has come to Earth. The New Yugohan Empire has begun its relentless attack on Earth, and only Yuni, Seto, and Ma’at can stop it. Meanwhile, Zenith begins his sinister experimentation on Brutus.

I’d to thank you all for reading. It’s been almost exactly two years now, and 100 episodes, and it’s been great. It means so much to me that you all enjoy my story.

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Episodes 91 and 92 Review

I’ve been building up for the chance to have a Yuni and Yugi vs. Zenith and Xenox duel for a while now. I’ll admit, It wasn’t perfect the way it came out, but it was still good nonetheless. I’ve always thought about the fact that any character back in the original series would be at a major disadvantage when put up against today’s decks, and I don’t even mean just competitive styled decks. Yugi’s deck comes from a time when Normal Monsters made up the bulk of a deck, and Effect Monsters were special. Today Normal Monsters only have a small niche and everything has effects that far outclass what there used to be. At the same time though, Yugi still did have some cards (that once they had a little help from some cards I made) could actually do something.

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Episode 92: My Enemy, My Friend Part 2

Episode 92 is here now!

Yuni and Yugi continue their duel against Zenith and Xenox. Yugi must prove that he is not at a disadvantage despite the fact that his cards are 5,000 years old. Meanwhile, Brutus and Tori are trying their best to stop the New Yugohan super weapon, the Pyramid Gigas.

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Episode 91: My Enemy, My Friend Part 1

Episode 91 can be found here.

After learning that New Yugoha is working on a secret project in Egypt, Yuni, Brutus, and Tori head to the land of the pyramids. Once there, they encounter Zenith. When Zenith challenges Yuni to a New Yugohan style duel, he has to team up with Yugi for the first time.

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