The Card Database/Reader’s Companion is Now Updated

Some of you might have noticed that it’s been quite some time since I’ve updated the Card Databases section of the website, causing it to fall severely out of date. The main reason for this was several updates made to the way WordPress allows me to make pages. These updates made it next to impossible to update this specific page due to its length and complexity. Now, all these months later, I have finally found a way to get around said problem, and may resume updating the card database for every episode.


Episode 107: The Fate of Yugoha Part 3

This is it, the final episode of Season 3: Invasion of Light! Find this climatic episode here.

After losing Ma’at, Yuni and Seto  must press on their fight with Talok without him. Using all their might, they counterattack with all they can, but it seems hopeless. Everything takes a turn for the worse when Talok finds a way to increase upon the power of Versal, the reality Lord. Now the only hope for Yugoha and the Earth is an ancient Yugohan power that has remained dormant for eons.

Until next time, duel on!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium: The Movie

That’s right, being announced for the first time now, in celebration of the release of the final episode of Season 4, is the Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Movie! This “movie” will be a quadruple length special episode, containing its own dramatic story that takes place in between Seasons 4 and 5. This movie will not technically tie in directly with the rest of the series, but will contain many  factors that help to tie it all together with the greater story of the series. Expect it soon to help break up the seasonal break.

Until next time, duel on!

Episode 106: The Fate of Yugoha Part 2

The second part of the dramatic three part Season 4 finale is here now!

Yuni, Seto, and Ma’at find themselves up against Versal, the Reality Lord, the leader and most powerful of the Yugohan Lords, one of the most powerful Duel Monsters to ever exist. Now, faced against incredible odds, the three heroes must counterattack with all of there strength, but is it enough?

Until next time, duel on!

Episode 105: The Fate of Yugoha Part 1

Part one of the epic three part Season 4 finale is out now. Make sure to read it here.

Yuni, Seto, and Ma’at set off to locate the Emperor of New Yugoha. When they do find him, they quickly learn the the invasion of Earth is far from over, and unless they can defeat him, Earth is surely doomed.

Until next time, duel on!

Episodes 103 and 104 Review

My original plan, way back when I first conceived of this season, was to have Zenith remain evil and have these episodes feature the final duel between Yuni and Zenith. Sometimes in Yu-Gi-Oh, it seems like the enemy is redeemed much to easily. It can make for better stories, but it also seems a little stereotypical at times. At first I wanted to avoid the stereotype by not giving Zenith redemption, but eventually I decided that it just wouldn’t make as good of a story, so I came up with the current idea and compromised. The way I compromised was by not necessarily redeeming Zenith. While we may know that he was sincere in his actions, as Xenox confirmed that, we never really learn if he was deserving of forgiveness and redemption. Ultimately, I left it up to you, the reader, whether or not he should be forgiven. So, what do you think? If anyone wants to leave a comment explaining their opinion, I’d be interested in reading them.

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