Episode 92: My Enemy, My Friend Part 2

Episode 92 is here now!

Yuni and Yugi continue their duel against Zenith and Xenox. Yugi must prove that he is not at a disadvantage despite the fact that his cards are 5,000 years old. Meanwhile, Brutus and Tori are trying their best to stop the New Yugohan super weapon, the Pyramid Gigas.

Until next time, duel on!


Episode 91: My Enemy, My Friend Part 1

Episode 91 can be found here.

After learning that New Yugoha is working on a secret project in Egypt, Yuni, Brutus, and Tori head to the land of the pyramids. Once there, they encounter Zenith. When Zenith challenges Yuni to a New Yugohan style duel, he has to team up with Yugi for the first time.

Until next time, duel on!

Episode 90 Review

The goal of this episode was further the integration of the Society of Light into the season. As soon as I decided to bring the Society of Light into this season, I knew that I would have to bring back an old character who has now been taken over by the Society. I chose Sasuke, partly because of my bias towards ninjas, and partly because of the connection he forged with Yuni back in Season 1. Before now, it actually hadn’t been confirmed that any of the Duel Sanctuary finalists besides Tori and Brutus had been freed from Apep, as Yuni has yet to see any of them sense then.

Until next time, duel on!

Episodes 88 and 89 Review

With these episodes, we now have each of the three heroes possessing their own Celestial Advancement card as well as a Guardian of Yugoha Celestial Apex Evolution Monster. These episodes served to give us some back story to Ma’at’s place in this whole Yugoha vs. New Yugoha story. He has now become a justified character for this entire series. This episode also served as not only foreshadowing for this season, but the next as well, of course, you’ll have to wait to figure out how.