Episode 126 Review

First off, I think it’s worth pointing out that this is the first episode that ends in the middle of a duel not to be the first of a two part episode that I’ve written. I explain my reasoning in the review for the following episode. The opening scene where we have Yuni, Yugi, and Tori all talking, and having Yuni’s birthday I felt was a very important scene for this season. So far, this season has been so vast in its endeavor and has had so many characters that I’ve found myself not focusing as much on characters as I should be. That scene was really designed to serve as a reminder that they’re still there, and still have lives beyond this whole debacle. Also, there was a bit of foreshadowing (as to what, you’ll have to wait to find out).

In case you didn’t get the joke, Yugi’s Grandpa saying that Yugi had gone to the store to get olives years ago was a reference to the same joke made in GX when the Duel Academy went on a field trip to Domino City. I figured that this is probably about the same time as that happened, so it would make sense and would be quite funny to make that joke.

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Episode 121: The Once Nameless Pharaoh

Make sure to read Episode 121 here.

With Tori’s plan being a success, Yuni is able to talk to Atem long enough to challenge him to a duel. Now Yuni must battle the once nameless Pharaoh and partner to Yugi. Yuni finds himself facing a deck that represents the very power of the Millennium Items and the Egyptian Gods themselves.

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Episode 92: My Enemy, My Friend Part 2

Episode 92 is here now!

Yuni and Yugi continue their duel against Zenith and Xenox. Yugi must prove that he is not at a disadvantage despite the fact that his cards are 5,000 years old. Meanwhile, Brutus and Tori are trying their best to stop the New Yugohan super weapon, the Pyramid Gigas.

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Episode 91: My Enemy, My Friend Part 1

Episode 91 can be found here.

After learning that New Yugoha is working on a secret project in Egypt, Yuni, Brutus, and Tori head to the land of the pyramids. Once there, they encounter Zenith. When Zenith challenges Yuni to a New Yugohan style duel, he has to team up with Yugi for the first time.

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Episode 90 Review

The goal of this episode was further the integration of the Society of Light into the season. As soon as I decided to bring the Society of Light into this season, I knew that I would have to bring back an old character who has now been taken over by the Society. I chose Sasuke, partly because of my bias towards ninjas, and partly because of the connection he forged with Yuni back in Season 1. Before now, it actually hadn’t been confirmed that any of the Duel Sanctuary finalists besides Tori and Brutus had been freed from Apep, as Yuni has yet to see any of them sense then.

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Episode 86: Betrayal Part 1

Episode 86 is out now. Read it here.

In a shocking turn of events, Yuni learns that New Yugoha has officially announced itself to the people of Earth, tricking them into thinking of New Yugoha as a benevolent entity. Now Yuni, Tori, and Brutus must find evidence to prove to Earth the danger they are in.

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End of the World

With the finale of Season 3 comes the final booster pack of Season 3.

Name: End of the World

Abbreviation: EOTW

Cover Card: Apocalyptic Dragon of Armageddon

Contains Cards from Episodes 70-77

Introduces the Following Archetype: Apocalyptic and Pinnacle Darkness Evolution

Also Includes Cards from the Following Archetypes: Cyber-Tech, Invader, Lithic, Monolithic, Megalithic, Plasma, Cosmic, Darkness Evolution, and Supreme Darkness Evolution

Contains Cards Used by Yuni Oha, Zenith Xenox, Oblivion, Seto Ossius, Brutus Marc, and Tori Rekishi