The Duel Gauntlet

This page provides an in depth description of state-of-the-art dueling system, the Duel Gauntlet.

Description: The Duel Gauntlet is composed of three main parts: the gauntlet, the the deck box, and the AR implant. The gauntlet is a simple metal band that goes on the wrist like a bracelet. On its top is a part that looks as if it is meant to attach to something else. The deck box is exactly what it sounds like, a metallic, rectangular box that holds a dueling deck. The deck box is typically attached to a belt or other carrying system. The AR implant is a small device that gets surgically implanted into the right eye. Due to future technology, the implantation is cheap, easy, and painless. The implant allows for the user to see AR images of cards used in the duel.

Starting a Duel: In order to activate the Duel Gauntlet, you attach the deck box to the top of the gauntlet. Once activated, the Duel Gauntlet will activate and connect to a central computer mainframe. Each card  has a special chip that emits a specific electromagnetic frequency, which allows the central computer, called the Duel Computer, to scan the deck. The computer then randomly shuffles the deck.

AR Features: When the Duel Gauntlet activates, it also automatically connects to the AR implant. The AR implant augments what the user sees, and does several things. No longer do duelists physically handle their cards. An AR projection of the deck is superimposed over the deck case, giving it the appearance of the deck. The duelist’s hand of cards is projected in front of them on what is called the Duel Screen. In addition to displaying the hand, the Duel Screen also displays the stats of monsters on the field and both players life points. At times when the players deck or graveyard are searched, all available cards are displayed on the Duel Screen.

Dueling: In order to draw a card, the duelist holds their hand over the AR projection of the deck and slides their hand over it. As they slide, the top card follows their hand until they place it on the Duel Screen. On the Duel Screen, basic functions are carried out by tapping the desired card. Different types of taps or different amounts of taps causes different commands. The Duel Gauntlet also has voice recognition for orders such as attacks and effects.

History: The Duel Gauntlet got its name from the 500 year old prototype, which featured a full on glove, with the appearance of a knight’s gauntlet. The original Duel Gauntlet utilized Duel Gazer technology instead of AR implants, in which the user would have to wear a vizor in order to see the AR images. Within 200 years, the Duel Gauntlet reached its modern form.


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