Episode 113: Apocalypse

The end is near! Episode 113, the first episode of the final story arc of Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium, is out now. Make sure to read it here.

After thousands of years of planning, Otto’s master plan is finally ready to enact. In no time at all, he has all but taken over the Earth. Now Yuni must rescue his friends and escape Otto’s evil clutches in order to set off on a quest to save the galaxy itself.

Also, I’ve updated the Yu-Gi-Oh! Timeline with events described and clarified during the previous few episodes.

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Episodes 111 and 112 Review

And that ends the shortest story arc I’ve attempted in Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium. These two episodes really served as the finale to both the plots of Chaos and Order. I’ve actually been building up for these episodes since the introduction of Order. When I first introduced Themis, I had no doubt in my mind that I would resurrect him in some way. I didn’t how until more recently, but I knew it had to be done. Also originally, Themis wasn’t going to be an immortal entity of Order, just a normal Lord of Order (well…at least as normal as a Lord of Order can be) that faked his own death to manipulate Ma’at. Then I started thinking about what I wanted the conclusion to the Order sub-plot to be. I couldn’t just end it with Ma’at staying as a Guardian of Order, but I couldn’t have him simply defecting back to the Society of Chaos. I needed something more meaningful. That’s where the idea for Order’s origin came from. When Themis pointed out that Ma’at’s Neo-Eunomia had New Order in its name for a reason, that’s actually something I’ve been planning from the beginning. I new that when it came time for Themis duel, his deck would be called the New World Order, as a pun on the concept, and the fact that he follows Order. Speaking of the New World Order deck, it’s worth pointing out that the four Evolution Monsters of the deck were based off of various secret societies. Master Mason represented the Free Masons, Templar Knight the Knight’s Templar, Rose Cross the Rosicrucians, and Illuminati, obviously, the Illuminati.

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Episode 112: New World Order Part 2

The final episode of the Odyssey of Order sub-season is out now, make sure read this momentous episode here.

The enemy that Yuni and Ma’at have been facing all along is actually Ma’at’s old mentor and master, Themis, the previous Lord of Order. Now Ma’at must cope with the repercussions of this reveal, and Yuni must help him along the way, forcing the two to put their pasts behind them, and fight in a battle for the fate of both Chaos and Order. Nothing will be the same again.

Also, the Yu-Gi-Oh Timeline has been updated with reveals from this episode, and some of the previous.

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Episode 110 Review

The tension that lead to the fight in this episode has really been building up from the beginning of this season. The point behind this plot point really refers to the base incompatibility between Yuni and Ma’at. They started off as bitter enemies, but were forced to work together due to a shared enemy. Since this is the first time they’ve really had a chance to debate the philosophy of Chaos vs. Order, the sparks started to fly. This really infers that had they New Yugoha not invaded, the two never would have become friends in the first place. As for the duel, Inti’s deck has an interesting story. Going back to my original plan to have each of the Hand of Order have a unique play style, this deck was to be a deck based off of achieving an instant win condition. That much was set early on. However, soon before I started writing the episode, I realized that one of the only monster types I had yet to showcase were Geminis. Only days before I started writing, I created the Enigmachine concept, combing my two ideas, instant win and Gemini.

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May the Fourth be With You

As some of you may know, today is known as Star Wars Day, because it’s May the Fourth, as in May the Fourth be with you. Last year I made an article listing Yu-Gi-Oh cards that seem to reference Star Wars. If you want to read it, look here. Sadly, I don’t have much more to talk about this year, except for this one card I found.


I can’t abide those Jawas. Disgusting creatures.

– C-3PO

Just take a look at that picture. It is obviously a Jawa. It’s short, wearing a brown robe with a hood, and has glowing yellow eyes. What else could it be? Add to the fact that this card obviously represents the creature stealing something, it fits the opportunistic scavenger attitude of Jawas.

Until next time, may the Force be with you.

Episode 110: Chaotic Order

Episode 110 is out, and able to be read here.

Yuni and Ma’at may have defeated the previous two opponents to challenge them, but things are not right between them. A schism started by their differences in beliefs has now lead to an all out fight. Now separated from Ma’at, Yuni must face yet another member of the Hand of Order.

Also, happy Star Wars Day everyone! May the Fourth be with you!

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