Episode 90 Review

The goal of this episode was further the integration of the Society of Light into the season. As soon as I decided to bring the Society of Light into this season, I knew that I would have to bring back an old character who has now been taken over by the Society. I chose Sasuke, partly because of my bias towards ninjas, and partly because of the connection he forged with Yuni back in Season 1. Before now, it actually hadn’t been confirmed that any of the Duel Sanctuary finalists besides Tori and Brutus had been freed from Apep, as Yuni has yet to see any of them sense then.

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Episode 75: Inner Demons Part 1

Episode 75, the first of the three part finale event of Season 3: Guardian of the Balance, is out now! Make sure to read it here!

Yuni’s parents, Apep, Zenith, and Brutus have all fallen to Oblivion’s dark powers. Now, in the final duel of World of Duel Tournament, Yuni finally faces the Dark Lord for the title of King of Games and the fate of the world. Yuni, utilizing his full powers of Chaos,attacks Oblivion relentlessly, but is it enough?

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Episodes 55 and 56 Review

***Spoiler Alert***

Just as any good hero must at some point or other, Yuni had to go through three trials in these episodes. The first trial was meant to see how well Yuni could control his darker, more destructive side, while also testing his ability to think fast. The second trial put Yuni against his inner rage, which at the time was his hatred for Konton, to see how he would cope with it. The third trial tested his ability to duel, a fundamental skill for a Lord of Chaos. During the second trial, Apep (in a way) made a surprise appearance. Yuni stated that he was only a hallucination, and then Apep responded that it was up to Yuni to decide whether or not he was real. Just as it was left up to Yuni, I leave the choice to all of you readers. Do you think that Apep was real?

***End Spoiler Alert***

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Eternity of Chaos

It’s finally time for the first booster pack of Season 3!

Name: Eternity of Chaos

Abbreviation: ETCS

Cover card: Supreme Chaos Deity – Ruler of Eternity

Includes cards from episodes 49-54

Introduces the following archetypes: Dragon of the End and Warrior of the Beginning

Also includes the following archetypes: Cyber-Tech, Chaos-Tech, Eclipse, and Chaos

Contains cards used by Yuni Oha, Apep, the Chaos Sorcerer, the Chaos Emperor Dragon, the Black Luster Soldier, and Konton

Episode 55: Trials Part 1

Episode 55 is out now! Find it here.

Yuni must recover from the loss of his dear friend and mentor, Apep. In order to grant his final wish, Yuni heads to the Temple of Balance to meet the Will of Chaos and to become the next Lord of Chaos. Can Yuni defeat the darkness inside and overcome the three trials?

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Episodes 53 and 54 Review

***Spoiler Alert***

A dramatic pair of episodes, if I do say so myself. I don’t even know where to start. I guess we’ll talk about Konton first. The word konton means Chaos in Japanese. Back in season 1, Konton was actually originally going to be Apep’s Lord of Chaos name instead of Apophis, but I decided that I liked Apophis better. As for Konton’s character, making him insane was a fairly recent development in my mind. I felt that Season 3 was getting to be all serious, no humor. When I was thinking about different possible character traits, and I thought of insanity, it was an instant fit. And yes, Konton can break the fourth wall (for those who don’t know, that means that a character can talk to the audience). An interesting note is that all of the cards sent to the graveyard by Konton’s Chaos Engine were real cards with Chaos in there names.

Apep being defeated and passing the torch to Yuni is something that I’ve been planning since close to the beginning of Season 1. Even in the middle of Season 2, the computer program Apep made a reference to a mysterious plan for Yuni, only now do we fully know what that plan was. Apep’s final scene was actually very sad for me. Apep is one of my favorite characters, it was sad to see him go. My brother proofreads for me, and when he was reading that scene, I played some sad music, and it really added to the move. It brought a tear to my eye when I was reading along with him.

***End Spoiler Alert***

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