In order to celebrate the holidays, let’s look at a monster that was just released in Japan.

Translation: You can Special Summon this card (from your hand) to your opponent’s side of the field, in face-up Defense Position, by tributing 1 monster they control. If you do, during this turn’s End Phase: The controller can draw 1 card.

The card in Japan is called Satan Claus, as in an anagram of Santa. A likely English translation will be Santa Claws, in order to avoid any religious references, but still keep to the monster theme. This monster is a perfect example of the Christmas Spirit! Just think about it, it sneaks on to your opponent’s field in the middle of the night, takes the tribute of milk and cookies, and leaves them the present of drawing a card! So if you want to give the gift of drawing this holiday season, get your hands on a Santa Claws!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a duel on!


Episode 53: War of the Lords Part 1

Episode 53 is out now! Read it here!

While continuing their journey through the Realm of Chaos, Yuni and Apep finally encounter Apep’s arch rival, Konton. But they quickly find out that he is not any thing like they expected. Can Apep survive a duel with his old mentor and foe?

Until next time, duel on!

Episodes 51 and 52 Review

For now on I’ll review both episodes in a two part episode at once.

***Spoiler Alert***

The most noteworthy thing that came from these episodes was that we got to see Yuni duel for the first time since episode 34, it’s been almost 20 episodes! These episodes were meant to serve as a stepping stone for Yuni, helping him prepare for his destiny that Apep continues to refer to. Speaking of that, at the end the second episode, we finally got a direct mention of what Apep has planned for Yuni. We figure out that Yuni is destined to become a Lord of Chaos. What could this mean for the future of the series? You’ll just have to keep on reading to find out.

***End Spoiler Alert***

I’d like to share a little fact for anyone who doesn’t already know, the Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the End may not sound like a Chaos monster, since Chaos isn’t in its name, but that is just due to bad translation. The original Black Luster Soldier, the Ritual one, was known as Chaos Soldier in Japan, so when they went and made the Chaos Emperor Dragon in Japan, they made a new version of Chaos Soldier to go with it. The problem came in America, since they had already called it Black Luster Soldier, they couldn’t go and give it a new name. If you ask me they should have compromised and called it Chaos Luster Soldier. In a way though, Black Luster could refer to Chaos, since black means dark, and luster is the shine of something, as in light.

Until next time, duel on!

Happy Birthday Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium!

Believe it or not, it has now been exactly a year since I first started writing Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium. It may not have showed up online until last July, but believe me, I started typing Season 1 last December. It’s been a good year, and Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium is even more popular than I hoped it would be. Back when I first started writing it, I thought that people would look at it and think, “That story isn’t fan fiction. It doesn’t have any of the usual elements of it.” I was so happy to get positive feedback on it. So here’s thanking all of you readers for a great year, and hoping for another.

Happy birthday Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium!

Until next time, duel on!

Episode 52: Duel of Dualism Part 2

Episode 52 is now out. Read it here!

Yuni and Apep continue their fight with the Chaos Emperor Dragon and the Black Luster Soldier. There is a reason that these are two of the most infamous cards of all time, can Yuni and Apep beat them?

On a side note, the review on episode 51 will come later, along with the review for episode 52.

Also, check out the new section, the Yu-Gi-Oh! Timeline. In addition to mentioning events from Millennium, it will mention events from the original show, GX, 5D’s, and Zexal.

Until next time, duel on!

Episode 50 Review

***Spoiler Alert***

This episode featured Apep dueling the Chaos Sorcerer. This plot came about from several different points. First off, Apep needed to duel. He hasn’t been featured in a duel since the season 1 finale. It also seemed appropriate, since Apep’s signature card was his Chaos-Tech Sorcerer, which was based off of Chaos Sorcerer, so I found it amusing to face two against each other. As for Chaos Sorcerer, his character came from what I felt the monster would actually feel. He is the only true Chaos card that isn’t an envoy, so I felt that he would feel animosity towards that fact. That’s all I really have to say about this episode.

***End Spoiler Alert***

Until next time, duel on!