Episode 128: Fall of the King

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Yugi has fallen to the evil Ottiuk. Without Yugi, there is no hope for the galaxy. With the Power of the King, Ottiuk is invincible. It is a dark day in deed…

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Episode 127 Review

Let’s start off talking about the duel. To tell the truth, it was very much cut down in scope from the vision I originally had for it. As Kaiba was my favorite character of the original show, and Blue-Eyes was my second favorite monster (next to only Red-Eyes), I had some grand plans for this duel. Sadly, the story proved to take to long to tell to fit an intricate duel. The reason for the duel taking place over the course of two episodes, but not being a two-part episode is because the story told both before and after the duel was to long and important. I had no choice but to shorten the duel and split it up across two episodes. Originally I wanted to create an entire Blue-Eyes archetype (something that the real card game has refused to do for some reason). You can see the remains of the archetype in the two Blue-Eyes monsters I did make, as well as a couple of Spell and Trap Cards Kaiba used. I still liked the way the duel turned out, it just wasn’t as fun or as much as a celebration of Blue-Eyes as I wanted it to be.

Onto the second part of the episode. I’m sure some of you are wondering “why bring back Capsule Monsters of all things?” the answer is simple. Despite getting an entire mini-series devoted to it, Capsule Monster has a fairly undeveloped story. I want to develop further, just like I did with Atlantis and the Pyramid of Light. I was originally inspired to do Capsule Monster when I was thinking about possibly having Yugi use the Duel Armor as a way to increase his power. I thought that would be weird without Capsule Monsters. Then I realized that I could base the entire story off of Capsule Monsters and it would work perfectly. I have a few other reasons too, but you’ll have to wait for those. And yes, I did have the gall to kill Yugi off.

Until next time, duel on!

Episode 126 Review

First off, I think it’s worth pointing out that this is the first episode that ends in the middle of a duel not to be the first of a two part episode that I’ve written. I explain my reasoning in the review for the following episode. The opening scene where we have Yuni, Yugi, and Tori all talking, and having Yuni’s birthday I felt was a very important scene for this season. So far, this season has been so vast in its endeavor and has had so many characters that I’ve found myself not focusing as much on characters as I should be. That scene was really designed to serve as a reminder that they’re still there, and still have lives beyond this whole debacle. Also, there was a bit of foreshadowing (as to what, you’ll have to wait to find out).

In case you didn’t get the joke, Yugi’s Grandpa saying that Yugi had gone to the store to get olives years ago was a reference to the same joke made in GX when the Duel Academy went on a field trip to Domino City. I figured that this is probably about the same time as that happened, so it would make sense and would be quite funny to make that joke.

Until next time, duel on!

Episode 125 Review

Sorry about the long wait, I just started college, and have been too busy figuring out my life to write episodes. That being said, I hope to get into a more regular schedule from this point on.

Now, down to business. Definitely the most important take-away from this episode is in how it relates to the movie The Pyramid of Light. Throughout the episode I inferred in several different ways that this arc of episodes is actually a prequel to the movie. Most important of those are that if it weren’t for Yuni’s Chaos enchantment, the Dagger of Fate wouldn’t be powerful enough to stop Anubis. Also, the prophecy that tells how defeat Anubis and the Pyramid of Light actually originates in the Pharaoh’s memories of the future. In the science fiction community is known as either a predestination paradox or a temporal causality loop. That means that there is no technical source of an event, instead, two events cause each other in an endless loop through time. These two things pretty much confirm something I’ve been inferring since the beginning of the arc, which is not only does the Pyramid of Light take place in a alternate timeline, but it takes place in the timeline created when Yuni and his friends went back in time to recruit Atem and Priest Seto.

Speaking of Priest Seto, the other major point of this episode was to wrap up his story with Aknadin, his father. I had always felt like the way Aknadin was dealt with in Dawn of the Duel was a little poor. He defeated and sent to the Shadow Realm. There was no real closure between him and Priest Seto. It wasn’t like he necessarily deserved it, but it could have made for a better story. So, I used that here (and I’m sure just about anyone can guess what movie inspired that final scene between Priest Seto and Aknadin).

Until next time, duel on!