Episode 73: Redemption Part 2

Episode 73 is out now. Find it here.

Yuni and Seto’s duel continues. After both lose their Yugohan Lord cards, the two rivals look to their ace monsters, Cyber-Tech Magician and Cosmic Plasma Dragon, two monsters who have fought twice before. But when things take a turn for the worse, and Seto gives into his dark half, can Yuni redeem him?

Until next time, duel on!


Episode 72: Redemption Part 1

Episode 72 is here now!

Yuni and Seto face off in the first duel of the World of Duel Semifinals. The duel quickly gets heated when both rivals summon their ultimate monsters, the Yugohan Lords. A series of visions of ancient Yugoha are triggered by the ultimate clash of the titans.

Until next time, duel on!

Episode 71 Review

***Spoiler Alert***

Way back in episodes 44 and 45: The Brains and the Brawn Parts 1 and 2, we saw a bond forged between Brutus and Tori. I made those two episodes specifically thinking about this episode. I knew that while the two were friends, they hadn’t had enough time together to be good friends, they were just mutual friends through Yuni. But I knew that this episode was going to come, so I knew that I had to build greater bonds between them.

***End Spoiler Alert***

Until next time, duel on!

Duelist Pack: Seto

I just created another Duelist Pack, and this time it’s everyone’s favorite rival, Seto Ossius!

Name: Duelist Pack: Seto (DPST)

Cover Cards: Cosmic Plasma Dragon, Quantus, the Spatial Lord, and Plasma Wyvern

30 cards, 2 Ultra Rares, 4 Super Rares, 7 Rares, and 17 commons

DPST-EN001 Cosmic Plasma Dragon (UR)
DPST-EN002 Quantus, the Spatial Lord (UR)
DPST-EN003 Plasma Wyvern (R)
DPST-EN004 Plasma Serpent
DPST-EN005 Plasma Mage
DPST-EN006 Plasma Striker
DPST-EN007 Plasma Force (R)
DPST-EN008 Plasma Soul
DPST-EN009 Plasma Mimic
DPST-EN010 Plasma Beast (R)
DPST-EN011 Plasma Vanguard
DPST-EN012 Cosmic Summoner
DPST-EN013 Cosmic Wizard

DPST-EN014 Plasma Kaiser (SR)
DPST-EN015 Plasma Lord (SR) (This card is a Synchro monster, but white text does not show up)
DPST-EN016 Cosmic Tri-Pulsar Dragon* (SR)
DPST-EN017 Darkness Evolution: Dark Cosmic Void Dragon* (SR)

DPST-EN018 Plasma Stream
DPST-EN019 Plasma Flow (R)
DPST-EN020 Plasma Matter (R)
DPST-EN021 Plasma Boost
DPST-EN022 Dark Cosmic Entanglement
DPST-EN023 Dark Cosmic Seduction (R)
DPST-EN024 Super Nova

DPST-EN025 Plasma Barrier
DPST-EN026 Plasma Phase Shift
DPST-EN027 Plasma Influx
DPST-EN028 Cosmic Calling (R)
DPST-EN029 Cosmic Paradox
DPST-EN030 Dragon Soul

Episode 71: Mind vs. Matter

Episode 71 can be found right here.

In the wake of Zenith’s tragic loss, Brutus and Tori must now duel each other. Whoever wins is the one who will have to face Oblivion in the next round. Which one will be the next to face the Lord of Darkness? Meanwhile, Yuni struggles with his remorse over allowing Zenith to duel.

Until next time, duel on!

Episode 70 Review

***Spoiler Alert***

In all honesty, I don’t have much to say about this episode. It was meant to be an example of how powerful Oblivion truly is. Despite the fact that Zenith was able to summon out a massive swarm of powerful monsters on two different occasions, Oblivion still managed a perform an OTK (One Turn Kill), without Zenith being able to inflict any damage.

***End Spoiler Alert***

Until next time, duel on!

Duelist Pack Yuni

I just made this for another website, and I figured that I might as well post it here. Here it is, the first Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Duelist Pack!

Name: Duelist Pack: Yuni

Abbreviation: DPYN

Cover Cards: Cyber-Tech Magician, Cyber-Tech Apprentice, and Chronos, the Temporal Lord

30 cards, 2 Ultra Rares, 4 Super Rares, 7 Rares, 17 Commons.

DPYN-EN001 Cyber-Tech Magician (UR)
DPYN-EN002 Cyber-Tech Apprentice (SR)
DPYN-EN003 Chronos, the Temporal Lord (UR)
DPYN-EN004 Cyber-Tech Magnet Knight +
DPYN-EN005 Cyber-Tech Magnet Knight –
DPYN-EN006 Cyber-Tech Magnet Knight 0
DPYN-EN007 Cyber-Tech Magna Knight Ferros (SR)
DPYN-EN008 Kuriborg (R)
DPYN-EN009 Cyber-Tech Automaton
DPYN-EN010 Cyber-Tech Falcon (R)
DPYN-EN011 Cyber-Tech Dragoon
DPYN-EN012 Cyber-Technokinetic (R)
DPYN-EN013 Cyber-Tech Mystic

DPYN-EN014 Cyber-Tech Sage (R)
DPYN-EN015 Temporax, the Cyber-Tech Magician of Time* (SR)
DPYN-EN016 Discordon, the Cyber-Tech Magician of Chaos* (SR)

DPYN-EN017 Cyber Sage Transcendence
DPYN-EN018 Time Skip
DPYN-EN019 Generation Strike
DPYN-EN020 Cyber-Tech Salvage
DPYN-EN021 Cyber-Tech Spellbook of Empowerment
DPYN-EN022 Cyber-Tech Spellbook of Revival
DPYN-EN023 Cyber-Tech Spellbook of Drawing (R)
DPYN-EN024 Cyber-Tech Spellbook of Time Travel (R)

DPYN-EN025 Last Chance (R)
DPYN-EN026 Cyber-Tech Reboot
DPYN-EN027 Cyber-Tech Resurgence
DPYN-EN028 Swords of Sealing Light
DPYN-EN029 Cyber-Tech Boot-Up
DPYN-EN030 Cyber Reinforcements