Exclusive Story: The Legend of Chaos

I wrote this story as entry into a fan fiction contest. I was debating about posting it on fanfiction.net. In the end, I decided that instead I would publish it exclusively here, to give you guys something special.

This story is the legend of the first Lord of Chaos, as referenced to in Season 3: Guardian of the Balance. I hope you guys enjoy it!

The Legend of Chaos

Long, long ago, when the legendary Yugi Muto still dueled, there was another legendary duelist. His name is lost to time, but his legend is not. This is the story of how that duelist, who we will simply refer to as The Duelist, went from an average boy to savior of the Balance of Chaos…


Two people are in the middle of a duel. They appear to be in a classroom, with students gathered around them. Everyone in the room, including the two who are dueling, appears to be wearing a school uniform, which is primarily white with blue and gold trim. As for the two duelists, one, The Duelist, is about 16 years old and has scruffy, somewhat messy, brown hair. The other appears to be slightly older, maybe 18. His hair is a golden blond, combed back with elegance. Both have a standard Kaiba Corp. Duel Disk. In front of the second duelist is a knight wearing white and silver armor. It appears to glow with magnificence . The boy says, “You cannot match the power of my Divine White Knight (Light/Level 8/Warrior/Ritual/ATK 3000/DEF 2500)!”

The Duelist returns, “We’ll have to see about that!” In front of him is the Knight of Dark Dragons (Dark/Level 4/Warrior/Ritual/ATK 1900/DEF 1200)*. “I activate the effect of Knight of Dark Dragons, which allows me to tribute it in order to summon a Red-Eyes Black Dragon (Dark/Level 7/Dragon/Normal/ATK 2400/DEF 2000) from my deck!” The knight disappears, only to be replaced by the famous dragon. “Don’t get used to him though, I tribute my Red-Eyes in order to Special Summon the Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon (Dark/Level 9/Dragon/Effect/ATK 2400/DEF 2000)!” Red-Eyes Black Dragon transforms into its upgraded from. “This fearsome dragon gains 300 attack points for every Dragon-Type monster in my graveyard, I have eight, so do the math! That’s a bonus of 2400 attack points (ATK: 4800)! Now Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon, let’s finish this duel off, and show everyone why I’m the top duelist at the school! Attack with Infernal Darkfire!” The Duelist’s dragon begins to create a massive fireball to unleash at his opponent, when suddenly a massive vortex of swirling light and dark energy appears behind the duelist and sucks him in. The duel is cancelled.

Everyone in the room begins to freak out and panic. One person, presumably the teacher, since he’s the only adult in the room, declares, “Settle down everyone! Settle down!” But no one appears to hear him.


A portal, the same as the one before, opens up in a barren land. The floor is nothing but rocks. Due to the orange-yellow color of the sky, it appears to be twilight. The sky is in constant motion, with energy flows of purple, gold, white, and black flowing to and from vortexes that open up suddenly and then close just as quickly. The Duelist is spat out of the portal and lands on the floor. He looks around. Surrounding him are three Lightsworn monsters; Jenis, Lightsworn Mender, Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner, and Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress. He demands, “What the heck is going on!?”

The three Lightsworns all look surprised. Jenis says, “It worked…it really worked.”

Lyla says cynically, “I expected he’d be older.”

Lumina asserts, “We can’t be picky, we need him.”

The Duelist demands again, “I said, what’s going on here!? Where am I!? Who are you!?”

Lumina steps forward. “I’m sorry, how rude of us. I am Lumina, and these are my partners, Jenis and Lyla. We are of the Lightsworn tribe.”

The Duelist looks surprised. “Lightsworns, like the Duel Monsters cards!?”

Lumina nods. “Yes, that is what you would know us as.”

The Duelist shakes his head in disbelief. “I’m going crazy. Why am I seeing Duel Monsters?”

Lyla steps up. “I assure you, you are not crazy.”

The Duelist places his hand on his forehead. “Please explain what’s going on.”

Lumina explains, “You are now in the Realm of Chaos, and we have summoned you because we need your help…no, the Multiverse needs your help.”

“Why don’t you start off by explaining what the heck the Realm of Chaos is?”

“Chaos is the guiding force of the Multiverse. Tell me, what do you know of the philosophy of the yin-yang?”

“Enough. It’s a concept that claims that all light and good is balanced by dark and evil.”

“Exactly, and that is the concept of Chaos. When Light and Dark come together, you get Chaos. Normally, Chaos stays in a state of balance, but in dangerous times such as now, it falls out of balance, and tips towards Darkness and destruction. Normally, the Balance is enforced by the Trinity of Chaos, which comprises of the Chaos Deity and his two envoys, the Chaos Emperor Dragon and the Black Luster Soldier. The Chaos Emperor Dragon has usurped the Chaos Deity and banished his Light counterpart. With out anyone to counteract him, the Chaos Emperor Dragon has plunged the Realm into Darkness. The Realm of Chaos has an effect on every other dimension in the Multiverse, including yours. The Multiverse is in danger, and only you can save it.”

The Duelist shakes his head in disbelief again. “Why me? What can I do?”

“Our portal was designed to pull one with a Perfect Yang into our dimension.”

“A Perfect Yang?”

“A spirit of primarily light, but balanced with darkness as well. You are an embodiment of the Balance.”

The Duelist nods. “And why do you need me? You guys are Duel Monsters, why can’t you fight the Chaos Emperor Dragon?”

The three Lightsworns hang their heads. Lumina says solemnly, “We have…and we have failed. We have already lost over half of our numbers, including our lord, the Judgment Dragon. We need you. You are truly our only hope.”

The Duelist takes a deep breath. “Alright, sign me up. I’ll help you the best I can.”

Just as he says this, a loud thumping noise can be heard. The three Lightsworns look out towards the right with terror. Jenis exclaims, “No, it’s the Chaos Guardian, servant of the Chaos Emperor Dragon!” Off in the distance there is a large behemoth of a monster, the Guardian of Chaos (Dark/Level 4/Warrior/ATK 1000/DEF 0). It wears black and white armor and holds a sword of light, and a shield of darkness. Jenis cries, “Please, you must help us!”

The Duelist grins. “This shouldn’t be to hard.” He activates his Duel Disk and draws a card. “I summon the Red-Eyes Black Dragon (Dark/Level 7/Dragon/Normal/ATK 2400/DEF 2000)!” A real-life Red-Eyes appears in front of The Duelist. He commands, “Now Red-Eyes, attack with Inferno Fire Blast!” The dragon launches a massive fire blast, destroying the monster. He cheers, “Yeah, piece of cake!”

Lyla asserts, “No you fool, it’s not over yet!”

The Chaos Guardian reappears and grows larger than before (ATK: 2000). The Duelist looks annoyed. “Attack again Red-Eyes!” The dragon attacks again, destroying the Guardian of Chaos again. “And stay down!” It doesn’t listen. It appears once more, this time even larger (ATK: 4000). The Duelist gasps. He thinks, Alright, I get it, if I destroy this guy by battle, he comes back. Let’s try a different approach. He pulls another card out of his deck and declares aloud, “I activate Dragon’s Gunfire! Since you have no defense, and I control a dragon, this card will take you out!” The Red-Eyes launches a different kind of fireball attack at the monster, destroying it. It’s no use. The Chaos Guardian returns again (ATK: 8000). The Duelist looks upset. The Chaos Guardian begins to move in to destroy the Red-Eyes Black Dragon. The Duelist thinks, I only have one other idea. I hope this works! He pulls out another card and declares, “I activate Dimensional Prison! This card banishes an attacking monster!” A vortex opens up and swallows the monster. After waiting a couple moments to be sure, The Duelist jumps up and cheers, “Yeah, that’s it!” He turns to the Lightsworns. “Told you that I could do it.”

Lumina nods. “Good job. You are definitely the one we have been looking for. Please, follow us.”


And so The Duelist traveled with the three Lightsworn magicians to their legendary domain. Once there, he was first introduced to his destiny…


The Duelist and the three magicians walk into the domain of the Lightsworns. It appears to be built in a Greek fashion. Various Lightsworn monsters come out of the buildings and gather in a crowd. They all appear excited. They whisper and point towards The Duelist. The Duelist appears to be feeling a little awkward with all the attention. He waves and says, “Hey guys, I’m here,” and shrugs.

The crowd suddenly parts, and through it walks a man in golden armor with metal wings. He steps up to The Duelist and introduces himself. “Greetings, I am Michael, the Arch-Lightsworn. You may call me Michael.”

The Duelist holds out a hand and says, “It’s a pleasure Michael.” Michael seems either not to notice, or not understand the gesture.

“I am the leader of the Lightsworn Tribe, and leader of the Light Rebellion. I am sorry to have dragged you into our conflict, but we need you. We have been attempting to aid the Envoy of the Beginning all we can, but I am afraid…” Michael hangs his head in shame, “…I am afraid that we are not strong enough. Only days ago, the God of the Lightsworns, and my dear friend, the Judgment Dragon was destroyed. Without him, I do not think we have a chance in defeating the Envoy of the End.”

The Duelist approaches him and pats him on the back. He comforts, “I am so sorry for your loss. I will help you in any way that I can…I promise.”

Michael looks back up and says, “And for that, I thank you. You must be introduced to the Black Luster Soldier. He will train you, and hopefully together you will be able to defeat the Chaos Emperor Dragon.” He snaps his fingers. “Wulf, Ryko, come to me.” Wulf, Lightsworn Beast and Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter walk up to either side of Michael. “I am afraid to tell you that we do not know the location of the Black Luster Soldier. These are my two greatest trackers. They will help you find him.”

The Duelist appears confused. “Wait, you’re just going to send me out with these two on a wild goose chase?”

Michael shakes his head. “I am sorry, but it is necessary. In order to stay out of the reach of his counterpart, the Black Luster Soldier has had to keep his whereabouts a secret. But do not worry, Wulf and Ryko will not let you down.”

Wulf steps forward and says in a rough, snarling voice, “My partner and I are the best at what we do. We will find the Envoy of the Beginning.” Ryko barks what sounds like a confirmation.

The Duelist nods. “Alright then, let’s go.” The three head out.


And so The Duelist along with his companions spent the next several hours searching nonstop for the Envoy of the Beginning…


The Duelist and the two Lightsworns are traveling through the wastelands of the Realm of Chaos. Ryko has his nose to the ground, and Wulf is looking intensively around. Ryko suddenly looks up and whimpers. The Duelist looks to Wulf and asks, “What is it? What’s he saying?”

Wulf looks concerned. He says, “There’s something coming our way. We don’t know what though.”

Just then, there is an incredible roar. They all look up to the sky and see none other then the Chaos Emperor Dragon – Envoy of the End flying towards them. It roars again. The Duelist mouths, “Oh no…”

The menacing monster lands before the group. It demands in a menacing, roaring voice, “Which one of you is the mortal who thinks he can defeat me!?”

The Duelist steps forward and proclaims, “That would be me.”

Wulf tries to stop him, saying, “No, you can’t, it’s too dangerous.”

The Duelist puts his hand out to stop him. “No, I can do this.”

“But you’re not ready yet.”

The Chaos Emperor Dragon interrupts, “Too late for that!” The Duelist moves in to a ready stance and prepares to draw a card from his Duel Disk. The Chaos Emperor Dragon continues, “However, fortunately for you, I have not come to fight!” The Duelist tilts his head in confusion. “I have come to warn you! I am a reasonable being, and I will avoid a fight if it is not necessary, and our fight is not!”

“Why, because you think that I have no chance!?”

“That, and I have something – rather someone – you want!” The dragon holds up a hand and above his palm appears a projected image. The image shows a boy chained up in what looks like a dark dungeon. The boy has short, straight, black hair, and looks fairly childish, despite being about 16 years old. He wears the same school uniform that The Duelist wears, except it looks beat up and torn. In fact, the boy doesn’t seem to be in too good of a condition at all.

The Duelist shouts out, “No! Let him go!”

The Chaos Emperor Dragon grins devilishly. “It would appear that I have captured a dear friend of yours! Now heed my words, if you attempt to interfere with me at all, your friend will be destroyed!”


“Oh yes! And to show you that I’m serious…!” The boy suddenly begins writhe in pain. He cries out in agony.

The Duelist shouts in anger, “Stop it! Let him go or else!”

The Chaos Emperor Dragon appears to be getting amusement out of this. He simply states, “Why should I!?” The boy suddenly becomes overcome with even more pain.

“No!” The Duelist is filled with extreme rage. Dark energy begins to manifest itself around him.

Ryko whimpers and takes a few steps back. Wulf tries to say, “You have to stop this, if you get to angry while in the Realm of Chaos, you’ll only serve to increase the disbalance. You must control-”

The Duelist cuts him off, “No, this just became personal!” He pulls out a few cards from his deck. He declares with rage, “I activate Red-Eyes Transmigration* in order to summon the Lord of the Red (Fire/Level 8/Warrior/Ritual/ATK 2400/DEF 2000)*! Now Lord of the Red, lend me your armor!” Black armor, based off of the design of the Red-Eyes Black Dragon, appears on The Duelist. A dark aura of rage continues to surround and permeate him. He declares, “I will destroy you!”
Using the wings of the armor, The Duelist flies into the air, and soars straight at the Chaos Emperor Dragon with a fiery fist raised. He hits the dragon right in the chest, knocking him back. The dragon flies back several meters from the force of the punch. He slowly raises his head and grins once again. “Yes, use your anger! It is the only way you can defeat me! Feel the rage flowing through you, notice the way it gives you more strength then you’ve ever possessed! Give in to it!”

The Duelist is now floating over the Chaos Emperor Dragon. He has one of his fists raised, charging it with fire. He shouts, “You will pay for what you’ve done to my friend!”

Wulf shouts, “Stop this at once! Remember what we’ve taught you about Chaos! You are only contributing to the Darkness! You are destroying the Balance!”

The Duelist looks back at him and demands, “Why should I care!? All I care about is saving my friend! This is your realm, and you’ve dragged me into it! What does any of this matter to me!?”

Suddenly a voice says, “You must calm down…this is not the way…”

The Duelist goes wide-eyed in surprise. He mutters under his breath, “No…it can’t be…”

In front of The Duelist appears an apparition of his friend. He says, “You were brought here to return Balance to the Realm of Chaos, and you must succeed. Do not succumb to the Darkness. Do not worry about me, I will be fine.” The apparition disappears.

The Duelist lowers his head. His armor slowly fades away. The dark aura disappears. The Chaos Emperor Dragon looks at him and sneers, “You are weak! You could have had all the power you wanted, and destroyed me, but you allowed it slip through your pathetic, mortal fingers! You will never defeat me!”

The Duelist simply says, “You are wrong.” After a few moments pause, he explains, “I am here to save and serve the Balance. That makes me more powerful than you ever could be.”

“Is that really what you think?!”

“Yes, it is.”

“Then you have passed.”

A look of confusion crosses The Duelist’s face. He questions, “Passed?”

The Chaos Emperor Dragon smiles. He begins to morph shape and shrink. It is finally revealed to actually be Raiden, Lightsworn Assailant. The Duelist remains confused.

The voice of Michael, the Arch-Lightsworn says, “I am sorry that we had to do this, but we had to make sure that you were ready.”

The Duelist turns around to see Michael approaching him. He demands, “What’s going on here!?”

Michael joins up in a group with Ryko, Wulf, and Raiden. He explains, “We are in such a dark time that we can trust no one. We had to test you, so that we could make sure that you truly were loyal to the Balance. So Raiden, our resident expert of subterfuge, used the power of the Glorious Illusion to cloak himself as the Chaos Emperor Dragon in order to test you. You had us scared for a while, but you came through in the end.”

The Duelist stands in complete shock. “None of that was real!?”

“It was quite real. Had you chosen rage and darkness, Wulf, Ryko, and Raiden would have been forced to destroy you.”

The Duelist shakes his head. “That’s very comforting. And what about my friend?”

“Do not worry about him, he is safe in your home dimension.” The Duelist breathes a sigh of relief. Michael beckons for him to move and says, “Come. Now that you have proven yourself, it is time to meet the Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning.” Michael leads the group away.


And with his trial passed, The Duelist was one step closer to his destiny as Savior of the Realm of Chaos. On his way to meet with the great Envoy of the Beginning, The Duelist was on his way to a new beginning himself…


The group is now standing before a massive Romanesque temple complex. On its front is an engraving of a yang. A barrier of light surrounds it. The Duelist lets out an impressed whistle. Michael says, “Welcome to the Temple of the Beginning. It is here where the Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning resides and rules.”

The Duelist asks, “Shouldn’t he be in hiding? Why would he remain here, at the most obvious place? Wouldn’t the Chaos Emperor Dragon find and destroy him?”

Michael beckons to the barrier around the temple. “This barrier of light is the ultimate defense against Darkness. Nothing with a dark soul can pass the barrier without being destroyed. However,” Michael steps through the barrier unhindered, “a soul of light has no such trouble.
Raiden, Ryko, and Wulf all follow.

The Duelist looks hesitant. “What about me?”

Michael questions, “What about you?”

“I just went crazy and used powers of Darkness! What if I can’t make it through?”

“You’ll be fine. That was part of the purpose of your test, and you proved yourself. Come on, take a step forward.”

The Duelist gulps nervously and walks through the barrier, without a problem.

Michael nods approvingly. “Come on now, let’s go.”

The band walks into the temple. Inside, the walls are white and bright. They are engraved with various ornate carvings. They eventually reach two massive, gold doors, also ornately carved. A majestic voice booms, “Who approaches the chambers of the Envoy of the Beginning!?”

The four Lightsworns kneel and Michael answers, “It is I, Michael, the Arch-Lightsworn! I have come with the one destined to help our cause.” Raiden hits The Duelist in the side, who takes the hint and also kneels.
The doors swing open, revealing a blinding bright, golden light, and the voice announces, “Enter!”

The group gets up and walks in. In the center of the room is a massive throne, upon which sits the Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning. On either side of him sits Gaia the Polar Knight and Gaia the White Knight, apparently as guards. The Black Luster Soldier takes a good look at The Duelist, sizing him up. He says, “This mortal is the one who is supposed to save the Realm of Chaos from Darkness? He looks like he is barely be able to hold his own a fight.”

Michael shakes his head in disagreement. “Trust me, I have seen the power that this one possesses. It is plenty.”

The Black Luster Soldier slowly nods. “I trust your judgment. But first, I must test the mortal.”

The Duelist sighs with annoyance. “Another test? I’ve had enough of those.”

The Black Luster Soldier looks to him and asserts, “Your tone of voice infers that you do not respect me. I will not force you to think in a certain way, but you will show me the proper respect.”

The Duelist takes a deep breath and nods. “I’m sorry, please forgive me.”

Black Luster Soldier nods. “That’s better. Now, as for your test, we shall have a duel.”

The Duelist grins and raises his Duel Disk. “Now you’re speaking my language. I’m always down for a duel!”

“Then we shall commence!” The Black Luster Soldier stands up, holds his arm into the air, and a Duel Disk made of solid light manifests itself on his forearm. The Duelist activates his Duel Disk.

Both declare at once, “Let’s duel!”

The Black Luster Soldier states, “I’ll take the first move. I’ll open up with the Marauder – Captain of the Beginning (Light/Level 3/Warrior/Effect/ATK 1200/DEF 400)!” The monster summoned to the field is appears to be the Marauding Captain at first glance, but closer examination reveals that there is a white aura around him, and he is wearing ornate, golden, glowing armor and holds two swords made of light. “When I summon this monster, I gain an extra Normal Summon, as long as I summon a Beginning monster. I’ll use that extra summon and tribute my monster in order to summon Freed – General of the Beginning (Light/Level 5/Warrior/Effect/ATK 2300/DEF 1700)!” Once again, this monster appears to be similar to another, this time Freed the Matchless General, and once again, it wears golden armor and is surrounded by a white aura. “Now I’ll set a card and end my turn (Black Luster Soldier’s hand: 3).”

“Which means it’s my draw!” The Duelist draws. “I summon the Red-Eyes Wyvern (Wind/Level 4/Dragon/Effect/ATK 1800/DEF 1600)! Then I’m allowed to tribute a Red-Eyes monster I control in order to summon Red-Eyes Grey Dragon (Dark/Level 5/Dragon/Effect/ATK 2000/DEF/1600)!” The Duelist’s first Red-Eyes monster is replaced by another. This one, as suggested by the name, is a grey, European-style dragon with crimson-red eyes that bears a slight resemblance to the Red-Eyes Black Dragon. “Red-Eyes Grey Dragon, attack Freed – General of the Beginning now!”

The Black Luster Soldier appears slightly confused. “Why would you do that? My monster out powers yours by 300 points!”

“Only until I activate the effect of my dragon, which upon attacking or being attacked, has its attack and defense raised by 400 points (ATK: 2400) (DEF: 2000)!” A spiritual manifestation of the Red-Eyes Black Dragon superimposes itself over the monster, and adds its strength to the attack. Freed is destroyed (Black Luster Soldier’s LP: 3900). After the attack is through, the Red-Eyes spirit disappears (ATK: 2000) (DEF: 1600).

The Black Luster Soldier declares, “Activate Trap Card, New Beginnings! Since you just destroyed a Beginning monster, this card summons another from my grave, such as Marauder – Captain of the Beginning, along with a New Beginnings Token (Light/Level 1/Warrior/Token/ATK 0/DEF 0), both in defense mode!” Black Luster Soldier’s first monster, along with a shining body of light appear on the field.
The Duelist nods. “Alright, then I’ll just have to set a card of my own, and end my turn (The Duelist’s hand: 3).”

The Black Luster Soldier draws. “You have potential, I’ll admit that much, but I still have yet to see anything that makes you special. You are going to have to step your game up.”

“This duel isn’t over yet.”

“That much is true. Now, I tribute my two monsters in order to summon Gilford – Legend of the Beginning (Light/Level 8/Warrior/Effect/ATK 2600/DEF 2000)!” This monster is based on the card Gilford the Legend. “When I summon this mighty monster, his powers of creation activate and he equips himself with two Beginning Equip Spell Cards from my deck. I’ll arm him with the Lightning Blade of the Beginning and Legendary Sword of the Beginning!” The two blades appear in the hands of Black Luster Soldier’s monster. One is a shining white blade of white, while the other is made of golden light and also covered in electricity. “These two cards grant my monster a total of 1100 extra attack points (ATK: 3700)! Now, attack his Red-Eyes Grey Dragon!” Black Luster Soldier’s monster charges at The Duelist’s and prepares to slash through it with its two blades. Just before being attacked, the spiritual manifestation of Red-Eyes Black Dragon appears again (ATK: 2400) (DEF: 2000). It is destroyed anyways (The Duelist’s LP: 2700).

The Duelist declares, “Time for my Trap Card! Go, Red-Eyes Spirit*! This card returns the monster you just destroyed to my field. Come back Red-Eyes Grey Dragon!” The Duelist’s monster reappears.

“Inconsequential. I end my turn (Black Luster Soldier’s hand: 3).”

The Duelist draws. He states, “In the three years that I’ve been attending my school, I’ve only lost a small handful of duels. In fact, I haven’t lost a duel in over a year. This duel will be no different.”

“You are very confident in your abilities, too confident perhaps. Be wary, overconfidence can be a weakness.”

“Hold your words of wisdom, I know what I’m doing. Since it’s been on the field for a turn, I can now tribute the Red-Eyes Grey Dragon in order to summon the Red-Eyes Black Dragon from my deck (Dark/Level 7/Dragon/Normal/ATK 2400/DEF 2000)! Come forth my mighty dragon!” The Grey Dragon converts itself into a body of grey mist. That mist begins to turn darker in color, until it is black. That mist then solidifies into the Red-Eyes Black Dragon. “And now that my favorite monster is out, I can tribute it in order to summon his more powerful form! Come to me, Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon (Dark/Level 9/Dragon/Effect/ATK 2400/DEF 2000)! My powerful dragon gains 300 attack points for each of his fallen comrades, for a total of 900 (ATK: 3300)!”

“You still don’t have enough attack to overcome my Gilford.”

“Not yet at least! I activate Dragon Shrine! When I activate Dragon Shrine I first get to send a Dragon-Type monster from my deck to my graveyard, such as another Red-Eyes Black Dragon! Then, since I sent a Normal Monster, I can send another dragon, such as Red-Eyes Incarnate! Now I have two more dragons for my Darkness Dragon (ATK: 3900)! Attack now, Inferno Darkflare!” The Duelist’s dragon fires a massive ball of dark fiery energy at the opponent. Gilford – Legend of the Beginning raises his swords in order to try to defend himself, but it is no use and it’s destroyed (Black Luster Soldier’s LP: 3700). The Duelist then sets a card makes a motion to the Black Luster Soldier (The Duelist’s hand: 1).

The Black Luster Soldier nods. “You show much potential. Your card combinations are first rate, but you have yet to truly prove yourself to me, and it would appear that I have drawn the card which will put a full stop to your deck. By banishing the Freed – General of the Beginning from my grave, I can activate his effect! This effect allows me to discard a Beginning monster, such as my Dai Grepher – Warrior of the Beginning in order to summon another Beginning monster without a tribute! I’ll summon Buster – Blader of the Beginning (Light/Level 7/Warrior/Effect/ATK 2600/DEF 2300)!” The monster wears golden armor, similar to its name-sake’s and holds a broadsword made of golden light.

The Duelist appears shocked. “Oh no! That card’s based off of the Buster Blader, bane of all dragons!”

“Exactly, but my monster is even more powerful! The Blader of the Beginning gains an extra 600 attack points for every Dragon-Type monster in your grave and/or on your field! Do the math!”
After a quick mental calculation, The Duelist exclaims, “That’s a 3600 attack point boost (ATK: 7200)!”

“Yes, and its all coming your way! Slay his dragon and reduce his life points to zero!” The monster jumps into the air and positions its sword to slice through The Duelist’s Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon. The attack lands and upon impact, a massive explosion destroys the dragon. However the shockwave cloaks The Duelist. The Black Luster Soldier slowly nods and says, “It would appear that I have won this duel. Disappointing.”

From behind the smoke, The Duelist declares, “Not yet!” The smoke clears to reveal that The Duelist has activated a Trap Card (The Duelist’s LP: 100). “I activated the card Last Hope! Since you declared an attack that would have defeated me, I was able to negate the damage and make my life points become 100. Also, this card granted me two more cards!”

The Black Luster Soldier nods in comprehension. “I understand. In that case, you may take your turn. Let’s see what those two extra cards do for you (Black Luster Soldier’s hand: 2).”

The Duelist draws another card and says, “I plan to use them to their full extent! Since I control no monsters, I can banish the Red-Eyes Incarnate from my graveyard in order to revive a Red-Eyes Black Dragon from my grave!” The red-eyed dragon returns to field. “Now I activate the Ritual Spell Card, Red-Eyes Transcendence! Now by tributing any number of Red-Eyes monsters whose total levels equal seven, such as the one I just summoned, I can Ritual Summon my ace monster, the Red-Eyes Divine Dragon (Light/Level 7/Dragon/Ritual/ATK 3400/DEF 3000)!” A golden pillar of light shines down onto the Red-Eyes Black Dragon, who is then lifted up by it, into the sky. Another dragon descends. This one appears reminiscent of the original Red-Eyes, except its scales are gold and silver. A red aura, matching its eyes, surrounds it. “When I summon this monster, it allows me to summon one Red-Eyes Black Dragon from my hand or grave, so I’ll bring out my third copy of the Red-Eyes Black Dragon!” Another column of light appears and the Red-Eyes lowers onto the field.

Black Luster Soldier comments, “The summoning of your monster only increases the strength of mine (ATK: 7800).”

“That won’t matter once I activate the effect of the Red-Eyes Divine Dragon! Now by discarding a card, I can negate the effect of one card on the field, such as your Blader of the Beginning! Without his effect, your monster is worthless!” The Divine Dragon roars and all of the color from Buster – Blader of the Beginning vanishes (ATK: 2600). “Now without its power, my monster can defeat yours! Red-Eyes Divine Dragon, attack with Divine Fire Blast!” The dragon attacks with a large, golden fireball, one that incinerates the Black Luster Soldier’s monster (Black Luster Soldier’s LP: 2900). “Now Red-Eyes Black Dragon, attack directly with Inferno Fire Blast!” Red-Eyes’ fiery attack makes direct contact with Black Luster Soldier (Black Luster Soldier’s LP: 500). “Before I finish, allow me to explain that, thanks to the Divine Dragon, as long as I control a Red-Eyes Black Dragon, you cannot target Red-Eyes monsters I control with effects, and you are only allowed to attack the Red-Eyes Divine Dragon. How’s that for a turn (The Duelist’s hand: 0)?”

The Black Luster Soldier appears surprised. “I told you to use your cards well, and that is exactly what you did. Interesting.” The Black Luster Soldier prepares to draw. He pauses, then explains, “There is something you should know. Certain beings posses the ability to use the powers of Chaos to change the outcome of a duel, assuming the Will of Chaos allows it. I am about to show you one such example.” He holds his hand up into the air and declares, “Go, Chaos Draw!” Black Luster Soldier’s hand becomes cloaked in light and dark energy. The top card of his deck becomes similarly cloaked. He dramatically draws. The Duelist appears surprised. “Now I banish both Gilford – Legend of the Beginning and Dai Grepher – Warrior of the Beginning, who counts as a Dark monster when being banished, in order to summon the Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning (Light/Level 8/Warrior/Effect/ATK 3000/DEF 2500)!” The Black Luster Soldier disappears and then reappears on the field.

The Duelist is both shocked and confused. “You just summoned yourself!? Isn’t that cheating…or something?!”

“Not at all.”

“Alright, fine. Even so, I know the effect of…well…you and it isn’t going to help you at all.”

“That’s why I’m not going to rely solely upon my own power. I activate Chaos Soul Fusion and perform a Chaos Fusion!”

The Duelist is surprised. He demands, “What’s a Chaos Fusion!?”

“A Chaos Fusion is when I fuse either a Light or Dark spirit I control, with one of the opposite attribute that you control. I use the power of Chaos Soul Fusion and fuse myself with your Red-Eyes Black Dragon!”


The two monsters are pulled into a vortex of light and darkness. The monster that emerges is draconic form, vaguely resembling the Red-Eyes, but covered in the Black Luster Soldier’s armor and holding its shield and sword. The monster declares, “I summon Chaos Dragoon – Force of the Beginning (Light/Level 10/Dragon/Fusion/ATK 3000/DEF 2500)!” The Duelist is awestruck. The Black Luster Soldier, in his Chaos Dragoon form, declares, “When this monster is summoned, its effect activates and banishes one monster on the field, inflicting damage to you equal to its attack!”

The Duelist gasps, “That means I lose!”

All of the monsters on the field suddenly disappear. The Black Luster Soldier returns to its normal form, and its Duel Disk disappears. The Duelist is confused. He asks, “What just happened?”
The Black Luster Soldier tilts his head, in equal confusion. “I called the duel off.”

“Why would you do that?”

“Maybe because I didn’t want to destroy your soul.”

The Duelist Gasps. “What!?”

The Black Luster Soldier looks towards the group of Lightsworns and asks, “Did you not explain to him how duels in this realm work?”

Michael laughs awkwardly. “It might have slipped my mind.”

Black Luster Soldier returns his attention to The Duelist and explains, “Here in the Realm of Chaos, if you lose even one duel, your soul will be lost forever.”

The Duelist goes wide-eyed and looks towards Michael, “Yeah, that would have been nice to know earlier.” Michael shrugs. The Duelist sighs and looks towards the ground. “So I guess that I failed your test, didn’t I?”

Black Luster Soldier shakes his head. “Not at all.” The Duelist perks up. “In fact you passed with flying colors. You showed how well you could adapt to any situation I presented you with. You might be a little overconfident, but I sense great potential in you. I would be honored if you fought against the Chaos Emperor Dragon by my side.”

The Duelist looks up at him. “And it would be my honor to assist you. Just one question though.” The Black Luster Soldier nods. “Why do you even need my help? You’re practically a god, what can I do?”

“Not practically, I am a god, but that is the problem. Both I and the Chaos Emperor Dragon are. We are opposites, and yet we are the same. He is yin, and I am yang. Neither of us can possibly destroy the other. That is why I need the help of an outsider.”

The Duelist nods. “I will do all that I can.”

“Then allow us to set off to the Temple of Eternity, the domain of the usurper emperor.”


With that, The Duelist and the Envoy of the Beginning set out together in order to once and for all put a stop to the Darkness being spread by the Envoy of the End. It was a long and perilous journey, but eventually they made it to the Temple of Eternity, and The Duelist was that much closer to achieving his destiny…


The Duelist and Black Luster Soldier are crouched behind a rocky outcropping. On the other side is another Roman-styled temple complex, this one even large than the last. In front of the door are two monsters, the Lightpulsar Dragon (Light/Level 6/Dragon/Effect/ATK 2500/DEF 1500) and Darkflare Dragon (Dark/Level 5/Dragon/Effect/ATK 2400/DEF 1200). The Black Luster Soldier whispers, “Those two are the Dragons of Chaos, they are an elite corps utilized by the Chaos Emperor Dragon to enforce his will. They serve him in a similar way to how the Gaia Knights of Chaos serve me. We’re going to have to get through them first.”

The Duelist grins. “No problem.” He jumps out from the cover and reveals himself.

Black Luster Soldier calls, “Wait, no!” He shakes his head in frustration and follows.

The Duelist pulls out two cards from his deck and declares, “I summon the Red-Eyes Black Dragon and grant him the power of Metalmorph in order to summon the Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon (Dark/Level 8/Machine/Effect/ATK 2800/DEF 2400)!” The mechanized dragon appears in front of The Duelist. The two Dragons of Chaos turn towards him. “Now Black Metal Dragon, attack with Flash Flare Blast!” The monster launches a glimmering ball of fire at the dragons, but they fly up into the air, out of the way.

As they’re flying the Black Luster Soldier appears behind them and fires a beam of energy from its sword. The beam hits the Lightpulsar Dragon, banishing it. The Darkflare Dragon turns towards the Black Luster Soldier in shock. It roars in rage and begins to charge for an attack, but before it can be released, an attack from the Black Metal Dragon hits and destroys it.

The Duelist cheers, “Yeah! That wasn’t that hard.”

Black Luster Soldier scolds him, “You jumped into action before we could even make a plan. You got lucky, that could have ended with disaster.”

“But it didn’t.”

“This time. Come, let’s move on.” They enter the temple.

The inside of the temple is similar to the last, except the corridors are equally colored black and white, giving a sense of balance. Black Luster Soldier explains, “This is the Temple of Eternity. Normally, it is here where the Chaos Deity sits on his throne, but since he has been driven out, the Chaos Emperor Dragon has taken control of it. We must tread cautiously, who knows what traps he has set for us?”

Just as he says this, a barrier of shadows appears around the two. Black Luster Soldier looks angered, and he tries to destroy the shield with his sword, to no avail. In front of them steps the Chaos Sorcerer. He grins malevolently. “And so you two have fallen into my little trap. Imagine how pleased the master will be when he hears that I captured the Black Luster Soldier.”

Black Luster Soldier sneers at him, “How could you betray the Chaos Deity?”

“Easily. The Chaos Emperor Dragon has promised to give me power. He promised to make me an Envoy of Chaos. It was the obvious choice to side with him. And once I deliver you to him, he will instantly promote me to the rank of Envoy, then I’ll be just as powerful as you. Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right back.” He begins to laugh crazily and walks off.

The Duelist says with despair, “What will we do?”

“I have an idea, but you need to listen to everything I say.” The Duelist nods. “The Chaos Sorcerer thinks little to nothing of mortals. I believe that I will be able to overcome this barrier and destroy it. The moment I do, he will be back. He will underestimate you, and focus solely on recapturing me. You must run. I will handle him, you have to run straight ahead, to the throne room. It will be completely up to you to defeat the Chaos Emperor Dragon. I will join you as soon as I can, but the Chaos Sorcerer has grown powerful, and it will not be easy for me to defeat him.”

The Duelist nods. “So the responsibility of stopping the Chaos Emperor Dragon will be mine.” He clenches his fists and takes deep breath.

“Alright, let’s do this. I’m ready.”

Black Luster Soldier nods. He holds out his hand and a card appears in it. “Please, take this. It will grant you with some of the power of Chaos. Also, one more thing. When you duel the Chaos Emperor Dragon, he will be dueling using the Grand Deck of Chaos. This is no ordinary deck. It is taking it that allowed him to take control over the Realm of Chaos. Not even the Chaos Deity can stand in the way of its power. Never before has it been defeated in a duel. This will be the most challenging opponent you have ever faced.”

The Duelist takes the card. It’s Chaos Soul Fusion. He looks at it, and then back at the Black Luster Soldier and nods. “Do it.”

The Black Luster Soldier holds up his sword and a tremendous light shines from it. The shadow barrier shatters away. The Chaos Sorcerer instantly appears and shouts, “You’ll never escape!”

The Duelist makes a dash for it, past the Chaos Sorcerer. Chaos Sorcerer completely ignores him and focuses his attention solely on the Black Luster Soldier.


And so The Duelist ran forward, ran until he reached his destiny…


The Duelist enters a massive chamber. The most defining characteristic is a massive throne on the far side of the room. It is so large that it dwarfs The Duelist. Standing in front of the throne is the Chaos Emperor Dragon – Envoy of the End. He says in his booming voice, “I heard that the Envoy of the Beginning was coming here to attack me, but I didn’t think that he’d stoop so low as to send a mortal to fight his battles!”

The Duelist asserts, “This mortal is going to be your end!”

“You fool! I am the End! And I will also be yours!

The Duelist activates his Duel Disk. “Prove it! Face me in a duel! If I win, you have to relinquish your throne back to the Chaos Deity!”

Chaos Emperor Dragon chuckles. “You wish to duel me!? So be it! And when I win, you will be destroyed!” Chaos Emperor Dragon raises his arm and a Duel Disk made of shadows manifests itself around it. The Duelist activates his. Chaos Emperor Dragon says, “Go ahead, amuse me. Take the first move.”

The Duelist draws and declares, “You’ll regret that! I activate Polymerization in order to fuse my Red-Eyes Black Dragon and Red-Eyes Manifestation! When used in a Fusion Summon, the Red-Eyes Manifestation replaces a required Fusion Material, in this case, the Meteor Dragon! I summon Meteor Black Dragon (Fire/Level 8/Dragon/Fusion/ATK 3500/DEF 2000)!” Red-Eyes and another monster, what looks like a spiritual manifestation of Red-Eyes appear on the field. The second monster transforms to take the shape of Meteor Dragon. The two monsters are then sucked into a portal and fuse, emerging as the Meteor B. Dragon. “Then I’ll activate the second effect Red-Eyes Manifestation from my grave! By banishing it and a Red-Eyes Black Dragon, I can Fusion Summon another monster, this time it will be Black Skull Dragon (Dark/Level 9/Dragon/Fusion/ATK 3200/DEF 2500)!” The same thing happens, except this time the Red-Eyes Manifestation turns into the Summoned Skull. “With a start like this, I can’t lose (The Duelist’s hand: 3)!”

Chaos Emperor Dragon draws, and then roars, “You are confident for a mortal! Too confident! I will enjoy shattering your ego right before I shatter your soul! Face the power of the ultimate deck! I summon Chaos Yang Creator (Light/Level 4/Fairy/Effect/ATK 0/DEF 1900) in defense mode!” A luminescent being descends onto the field. It holds a large shield with a yang on it. “When I summon this monster, it allows me to summon a Dark monster from my hand! Come forth, Chaos Yin Breaker (Dark/Level 4/Fiend/Effect/ATK 1900/DEF 0)!” This monster is a shadowy creature. It holds a long sword, emblazoned with a yin. “When Chaos Yin Breaker is special summoned, it destroys a card you control! Say goodbye to your Meteor Black Dragon!” The monster points its sword at The Duelist’s dragon, sending a wave of shadowy energy at it, destroying it. The Duelist cringes. “And I’m not done yet! I activate Chaos Wave! Since I control both a Light and a Dark monster, this card destroys a monster you control!” A wave of light and dark energy is sent from Chaos Emperor Dragon’s monsters to The Duelist’s, destroying the B. Skull Dragon. “But that’s not even the end of it! Once your monster is destroyed, you take 1000 points of damage!” The wave continues on its way and hits The Duelist (The Duelist’s LP: 3000). The Chaos Emperor Dragon sets a card. “Luckily for you, I can’t declare an attack this turn due to my card (Chaos Emperor Dragon’s hand: 2)! You might as well give up! You have no hope against the Deck of Chaos!”

The Duelist does not appear pleased. He draws a card. He states with determination, “The future of both the Realm of Chaos and my world are at stake in this duel! I can not fail…I will not fail! I summon Red-Eyes Wyvern (Wind/Level 4/Dragon/Effect/ATK 1800/DEF 1600), and then instantly banish him in order to summon Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon (Dark/Level 10/Dragon/Effect/ATK 2800/DEF 2400)! The effect of this monster summons a Dragon-Type monster from my hand or grave once per turn! I revive the Meteor Black Dragon! Now Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, attack Chaos Yang Creator with Darkness Metal Flare!”

Chaos Emperor Dragon declares, “I activate my facedown card, Chaos Insurgence! This card prevents my Chaos monsters from being destroyed battle or card effects!” The fire blast attack hit’s the monster, but does absolutely nothing. “If it’s any consolation, when I use this card, you get to draw a card!”

The Duelist draws. “I may not be able to destroy your monsters, but that doesn’t stop me from inflicting damage! Meteor Black Dragon, attack Chaos Yin Breaker now!” The dragon summons several fiery meteors that are sent hurtling at the Chaos Emperor Dragon’s monster. They don’t destroy it, but a few hit the Chaos Emperor Dragon directly (Chaos Emperor Dragon’s LP: 2400). “And now that I’m winning, I’ll just set the card that you so graciously allowed me to draw and end my turn (The Duelist’s hand: 2).” He smiles smugly.

Chaos Emperor Dragon appears annoyed. He draws. “Don’t get your hopes up! Nothing you can do will be ale to stop me! I am a god!”
“A god who one does not worship has no power at all! And I don’t worship you!”

Chaos Emperor Dragon chuckles. “You will soon enough mortal! Soon enough! By tributing a Light and Dark monster, I can summon Emissary of Chaos (Dark/Level 7/Spellcaster/Effect/ATK 2700/DEF 2300)!” The two monsters dissipate and reform into humanoid form. The new monster wears long robes and holds a staff. It is split down the middle, white on one half, black on the other. “Just as Chaos encompasses both Light and Darkness, so does this monster, as it also counts as a Light type! As for its primary effect, by banishing the Light and Dark monsters in my grave, I can increase its attack by 1000! Go, Chaos Empowerment!” Spiritual manifestations of Chaos Emperor Dragon’s two earlier monsters appear on either side of his current monster. One turns into an orb of light, the other one of darkness. Both orbs are then absorbed into the staff (ATK: 3700). “Now Emissary of Chaos, attack the Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon!” The monster fires a beam of light and dark energy at The Duelist’s dragon, destroying it (The Duelist’s LP: 2100). Without taking a break, the Chaos Emperor Dragon declares, “Then I activate Chaos Dark Flash! Since I control both a Light and Dark Attribute monster, my Chaos monster can attack again! Now, destroy his Meteor Black Dragon!” A shadowy flash of energy surges from the Emissary of Chaos and destroys the Meteor B. Dragon (The Duelist’s LP: 1900). The shockwave from the attack knocks The Duelist to the ground. “Now, since it’s the end of my turn, the Emissary of Chaos sends a Light and a Dark monster from my deck to the grave! I’ll send Chaos-End Master and Sphere of Chaos (Chaos Emperor Dragon’s hand: 1)!”

The Duelist gets up and slowly takes a deep breath. He draws and declares, “I activate the Pot of Greed in order to draw two cards!” He prepares to draw and thinks, Let’s hope this works! He draws and looks at the card. He smiles. You always come through for me. Aloud he declares, “I activate Red-Eyes Transcendence and tribute the Red-Eyes Black Dragon from my hand in order to summon the Red-Eyes Divine Dragon (Light/Level 7/Dragon/Ritual/ATK 3400/DEF 3000)!” The Duelist’s trump card descends onto the field once more. “Now its effect activates and summons the Red-Eyes I just sent to my grave (Dark/Level 7/Dragon/Normal/ATK 2400/DEF 2000)!” Both dragons sound their cries. “Now by discarding the last card in my hand, I can negate the effect of your monster and return its attack points to their original value!” The Red-Eyes Divine Dragon breathes a golden flame that swirls in a vortex around the Chaos Emperor Dragon’s monster (ATK: 2700). “Now Red-Eyes Divine Dragon, destroy the Emissary of Chaos with Divine Fire Blast!” The monster unleashes a massive ball of golden flames, and incinerates Chaos Emperor Dragon’s monster (Chaos Emperor Dragon’s LP: 1700). The Duelist grins. “And now you have nothing protecting you at all! This duel is over! Red-Eyes Black Dragon, attack directly and finish this with Inferno Fire-”

The Chaos Emperor Dragon interrupts, “Wrong mortal! When Emissary of Chaos is destroyed, you can’t declare any direct attack for the rest of the turn! So much for defeating me!” The Red-Eyes, who had started to charge its attack, suddenly stops.

The Duelist grunts. “Fine then, I’ll just have to wait until next turn (The Duelist’s hand: 0).”

“That’s assuming that there is a next turn! Just watch, there won’t be!” The Chaos Emperor Dragon holds his hand over his deck and declares, “Go, Chaos Draw!” Light and dark energy begins to manifest itself around both his hand and his deck. He draws the top card and looks at it. He grins malevolently. “Your fate is sealed! I banish the Light Attribute Chaos-End Master and Dark Attribute Sphere of Chaos from my grave in order to summon myself, the Chaos Emperor Dragon – Envoy of the End (Dark/Level 8/Dragon/Effect/ATK 3000/DEF 2500)!” Chaos Emperor Dragon disappears and then reappears on the field as a monster. He roars. “I equip myself with Subjugation of the Chaos Emperor! I can only activate this card by banishing a Light or Dark monster from my grave, like my Emissary of Chaos. Now I’ll pay 1000 life points in order to activate my effect (Chaos Emperor Dragon’s LP: 700)!”

The Duelist exclaims, “But that would destroy yourself as well!”

“Very observant, but you missed the effect of my equip spell! As long as I’m equipped with this card, my effect only affects your cards!” The Duelist gasps. A massive shockwave of darkness is unleashed from the Chaos Emperor Dragon, destroying both of The Duelist’s monsters and then hitting the duelist (The Duelist’s LP: 1300). The Duelist is sent flying backwards. He struggles to get up. The Chaos Emperor Dragon laughs malevolently. “Since my effect just successfully activated, Subjugation of the Chaos Emperor allows me to draw a card! Go, Chaos Draw!” He performs another Chaos Draw. “I activate Chaos Necro Fusion! This card first summons a monster from your grave and then allows me to perform a Chaos Fusion with it and a monster of the opposite attribute I control! I’ll make you bring out your Red-Eyes Manifestation (Light/Level 3/Dragon/Effect/ATK 1000/DEF 1300) and use its effect to have it count as the Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning when fusing with me!” The two monsters are pulled into a vortex of light and darkness. The monster that emerges is basically the Black Luster Soldier riding on top of the Chaos Emperor Dragon. Some parts of the Chaos Emperor Dragon are now covered in armor that resembles the Black Luster Soldier and some of the Black Luster Soldier’s armor looks like the Chaos Emperor dragon’s scales. Chaos Emperor Dragon declares, “I summon Chaos Eclipse Dragon Soldier – Envoy of Twilight (Dark/Level 11/Dragon/Fusion/ATK 4000/DEF 4000)! You are doomed! I attack you directly with Chaos Eclipse Blast!” From its mouth, the Chaos Emperor Dragon breathes black fire and the Black Luster Soldier shoots a beam of light energy from its sword. The two attacks spiral around each other, aimed directly at The Duelist.

The Duelist doesn’t flinch. He declares, “Remember that card I discarded earlier? It was a monster known as the Red-Eyes Gardna! By banishing it, I can end your Battle Phase!” A crimson barrier appears in front of The Duelist, absorbing the attack. “Then I’m allowed to summon one Red-Eyes monster from my grave in defense mode and its effects are negated! I bring back the Red-Eyes Divine Dragon!”

The Chaos Emperor Dragon sneers, “I tire of your pathetic attempts at survival! But you know what!? It doesn‘t matter! On your next End Phase, my effect will activate and inflict 1000 points of damage to you for every on of my banished monsters! You won’t survive another full turn (Chaos Emperor Dragon’s hand: 0)!”

The Duelist thinks with a hint of desperation, This is it. It all comes down to this draw. I have no cards in my hand, and only one card to draw. The fate of the Realm of Chaos and the Balance itself all hinges on what card I draw. Can I do this? He looks up at the Black Luster Soldier sitting on the back of the Chaos Emperor Dragon. I wish you were here to help me. I could use the help.

Suddenly a loud, booming voice thunders in his head, You have overcome your greatest weakness! You have admitted that you are not infallible! You have proved yourself a worthy protector of the Balance! Go, draw your card and cement your destiny!

The Duelist shakes his head in disbelief. What was that!? Oh well, here goes nothing! He prepares to draw and suddenly light and dark energy swirls around both his hand and deck. The Duelist, realizing what’s happening, declares, “Go, Chaos Draw!” He draws and smiles upon seeing the card.

The Chaos Emperor Dragon roars in disbelief, “What!? How is a mortal like you performing a Chaos draw!?”

“I’m not so sure myself.”

Just then, the Black Luster Soldier burst through the door and explains, “The Will of Chaos has granted him the usage of the Chaos Draw to fix the Balance that you have destroyed!” He looks at The Duelist “I knew that once you overcame your weakness you would be able to do great things. Now, use that card and end this duel!”

The Duelist nods and declares, “I activate Fusion Rewriting Magic! This card defuses a Fusion monster!” The monster separates into the Chaos Emperor Dragon and the Red-Eyes Manifestation again. “Then it adds either a Fusion or Polymerization card from my deck to my hand! I add Chaos Soul Fusion!”

The Chaos Emperor Dragon says, “So you’re going to try to fuse me with your Red-Eyes Divine Dragon!? How dare you!?”

The Duelist takes a deep breath. He thinks, I could do that, but that may not be enough. No, I need to do something else…something more permanent. He looks up at the Chaos Emperor Dragon. I know what I need to do. He takes another deep breath and declares, “No! I fuse you with…me!”

The Chaos Emperor Dragon cries, “What!? You can’t do that! You’re not a monster!”

“No, but Chaos Soul Fusion doesn’t fuse monsters, it fuses their souls! And that’s what I do with us! Our souls will become one, and I will take responsibility for you! You will not wreck the Balance!”

The Chaos Emperor Dragon begins to be pulled in towards The Duelist. He cries out, “No! This is impossible! You can’t do this to me! I am a god! A god!” He lets out one last roar as he is pulled into The Duelist’s body, disappearing.

The Duelist opens his eyes, they are now different colored, one gold and one dark purple. He says in disbelief while panting, “It’s over…it’s all over…”

The Black Luster Soldier walks up to him and pats him on the back.

That it is my friend…that it is…”

The voice of the Chaos Emperor Dragon shouts within The Duelist’s mind, Let me out of here! If you think that I, the Chaos Emperor Dragon – Envoy of the End can be held in the body of a mortal, then your are sadly mistaken! I will escape!

The Duelist thinks back, This is my body, and my mind, I control it. You will remain here for however long it takes for you to see the error of your ways. It will be a more pleasant experience for both of us if you stay silent and behave.


The Duelist ignores him and returns his attention to the Black Luster Soldier, who says, “What you did was a brave thing. For all you knew, he could have overpowered you and taken control of your body…he still might.”

The Duelist slowly nods. “I know.”

“However, you should also know of the responsibility you have taken upon yourself. You are now the acting Envoy of the End, and as such, you also now posses all of the powers of Chaos.”

The Duelist looks down at his hands intensely. He then raises one hand and snaps his fingers. Above his hand appears a ball of black and white fire. He snaps his fingers again and the fire goes away.

“You have been given powers that no mortal has ever possessed, and yet, I am not afraid for you. I know that you can handle it. I know that you will protect the Balance. Come, let’s get you back to your dimension.” The two walk off.


And with that, The Duelist met his destiny, becoming the most powerful mortal to ever exist. Over the course of the following years The Duelist met with many challenges, and resolutely protected the Balance. At times the Chaos Emperor Dragon would escape, or assert control over The Duelist, but in the end, The Duelist always won. Eventually, even the Supreme Chaos Deity accepted The Duelist and declared him to be the first Lord of Chaos. With his new title, The Duelist traveled the world and recruited others to join him in the Society of Chaos, a group devoted to protecting the Balance. But all things must come to an end. The Duelist eventually passed away, and the Chaos Emperor Dragon was released. But he had seen the error of his ways, and had been redeemed by then. That is the legend and legacy of the First Lord of Chaos…


*Cards that were not real cards when this story was written. Effects and stats may differ.


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  1. This was awesome. I love having some background on this world. And it gets me wondering about the first Lord of Order. If you want to end up replying just use my Fanfiction profile.

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