End of the World

With the finale of Season 3 comes the final booster pack of Season 3.

Name: End of the World

Abbreviation: EOTW

Cover Card: Apocalyptic Dragon of Armageddon

Contains Cards from Episodes 70-77

Introduces the Following Archetype: Apocalyptic and Pinnacle Darkness Evolution

Also Includes Cards from the Following Archetypes: Cyber-Tech, Invader, Lithic, Monolithic, Megalithic, Plasma, Cosmic, Darkness Evolution, and Supreme Darkness Evolution

Contains Cards Used by Yuni Oha, Zenith Xenox, Oblivion, Seto Ossius, Brutus Marc, and Tori Rekishi



Episode 77: Inner Demons Part 3

The final episode of Season 3: Guardian of the Balance is out now! Don’t miss this epic episode, found here!

The end is near! Yuni, after realizing that reducing Oblivion’s life points to zero isn’t enough to defeat him, must launch an all-out assault in order to win. It’s do or die for Yuni in what could possibly be the most important duel of his life. Can Yuni face the End of the World, and come out victorious? And don’t miss the end of this episode, were everything about Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium will change forever!

Also, in order to celebrate the new show, Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V, I’ve updated the Yu-Gi-Oh! Timeline with preliminary events from the show, such as the introduction of Pendulum Monsters and Action Duels.

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Episode 75: Inner Demons Part 1

Episode 75, the first of the three part finale event of Season 3: Guardian of the Balance, is out now! Make sure to read it here!

Yuni’s parents, Apep, Zenith, and Brutus have all fallen to Oblivion’s dark powers. Now, in the final duel of World of Duel Tournament, Yuni finally faces the Dark Lord for the title of King of Games and the fate of the world. Yuni, utilizing his full powers of Chaos,attacks Oblivion relentlessly, but is it enough?

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Episode 74 Review

***Spoiler Alert***

And so Brutus also succumbs to the might of Oblivion. The primary purpose of this episode was to demonstrate that Oblivion, as strong as he might be, is not unstoppable. In this episode Oblivion used a second Darkness Evolution monster, making him the first character besides Ruin and Scourge to have more than one such monster. A true first is the fact that Brutus did not once use his Brutal Massive Dragon. This is the first duel that Brutus has taken part in that didn’t feature his favorite monster. And with Brutus and Zenith both gone, the stage is now set for the epic finale of Season 3, coming soon.

***End Spoiler Alert***

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Episode 71: Mind vs. Matter

Episode 71 can be found right here.

In the wake of Zenith’s tragic loss, Brutus and Tori must now duel each other. Whoever wins is the one who will have to face Oblivion in the next round. Which one will be the next to face the Lord of Darkness? Meanwhile, Yuni struggles with his remorse over allowing Zenith to duel.

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