Chapter 4: Return of Chaos

Read the fourth chapter of the Chronicles of Yugoha here.

For 200 million years, ever since the Precursors left for the Realm of Chaos, the galaxy knew nothing of the ways of Chaos, but Chaos always finds a way to show itself. This is the story of how the first Yugohan space travelers discovered the ways of Chaos.

Also, I’ve created a Chronology of the Chronicles of Yugoha page that will list all of the episodes of the Chronicles of Yugoha in chronological order.


Episode 3: God Killers

Here’s the third episode of the new series!

One year after the conclusion of Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium, co-Emperors Yu-Gi-Oh and Seto still struggle to recreate their once glorious empire. A decision from Yu-Gi-Oh’s past has now come back to haunt them. Now it is up to the still-new emperors deal with the choices of their past in order to build a stronger future for their empire.

Chronicles of Yugoha Chapter 2: What’s in a Name?

The second chapter of this new story is out and can be read here.

When a convicted Yugohan felon with a grudge against Prince Yu-Gi-Oh finds himself in the time of Yugi Muto, he sets his sights on the King of Games, believing him to be the target of his revenge. Now Yugi is forced into a Shadow Game against a man who’s history he can’t even begin to fathom.

Also, the Card Database has been updated with cards used by Yugi in this episode.

Episode 140: Another Hope Part 4

This is it. The end is finally here.

Many times before have the twin princes Yu-Gi-Oh and Seto faced each other in battle, and just as many times have those battles been inconclusive. The time has finally come for a verdict to be reached. One way or another, an emperor will be decided, and the future of the Yugoha and the entire galaxy will finally be set. It’s the end of a 20,000 year old adventure.

Always duel on!

Episode 139: Another Hope Part 3

Make sure to read the third part of climatic duel of destiny here.

In this penultimate episode, the destined duel of Prince Yu-Gi-Oh and Prince Seto continues. In the midst of their epic conflict, the two stop to think about the reasons they each want to be emperor with such determination and what they’re fighting for.

The next episode is the final episode! I hope you’re all excited!

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Episode 137: Another Hope Part 1

This is it, the beginning of the end! The first part of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium series finale is here!

It’s over. Ottiuk is defeated, the Balance of Chaos is safe, Yugoha is ready to return, and everything seems right for once. But one question still remains. Yu-Gi-Oh or Seto, who is the true heir of Yugoha? The time to find out has finally arrived.

Until next time, duel on!