Episode 127: Return of the King

Episode 127 is out now. Read it here.

After Seto and Kaiba conclude their duel, it’s time to locate Yugi. However, it quickly learned that Yugi could be in grave danger, potentially turning Yuni’s awaited reunion with Yugi from a joyous occasion to one of despair.

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Episode 124: Duel of Legends

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Having split into their own group, Isfet leads Seto, Critias, and Celestia to find and recruit the Priest Seto. While they’re at it, Seto challenges his Egyptian countepart to a ceremonial duel.

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Episode 120: The Millennium Era

Episode 120, the first of the Millennium Era arc is out now. Read it here.

Having completed their mission in Atlantis, Yuni, Seto, and everyone else head off for their next temporal destination, Ancient Egypt, home of Pharaoh Atem and Priest Seto. Despite their efforts, they captured and branded as threats to Egypt. Now they must face off against the wielders of the Millennium Items.

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Episode 117: The Era of Orichalcos

Make sure to read episode 117 here.

As the Battle of Atlantis continues, Dartz gets the upper hand by summoning his trump card, the Great Leviathan, grand deity of the Orichalcos, the same monster that nearly destroyed the world when Yugi fought Dartz. Now it is up to Yuni, Seto, Timaeus, Critias, and Hermos to devise a plan to destroy this beast of infinite power.

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Episode 116: The Battle of Atlantis

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Having found Timaeus, Critias, and Hermos, Yuni and Seto must team up with them and Ironheart to stop Dartz and Otto’s Atlantean persona, Ottikus. Now they lead the charge in what promises to be the climatic battle of the War of Atlantis.

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