Yu-Gi-Oh! Timeline

This is timeline of all of the major events in Yu-Gi-Oh, including events from Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium

Important Note: This timeline is based completely off of the English show. It does not consider information given in other media such as the Japanese show, any magna, or even information stated in real life. If it is not directly mentioned in the English show, or in any of the English spin-offs, then this timeline does not consider it fact, and as thus, many dates are made up from my own opinions.

Note on Dates: This timeline uses the fictional dating system of BYGO (Before Yu-Gi-Oh) and AYGO (After Yu-Gi-Oh) with year 0 being episode one of the original series.

Before 14,000,000,000 BYGO (Before the Big Bang): The Goddess of Chaos leaves the Realm of Chaos, creates the Realm of Order, and becomes the Goddess of Order.

Circa 205,000,000 BYGO: The Precursors discover Chaos and use it to create the first intergalactic society.

Circa 202,000,000 BYGO: The Precursors discover a way into the Realm of Chaos and transplant their society there. The ones who remain behind discover Order and become the Bringers of Order.

Circa 200,000,000 BYGO: The Bringers of Order create the Ruins of Order on Earth’s Pangaea. Themis obtains immortality and declares war on the Precursors. The Bringers of Order and Precursors attempt to make peace.

Circa 1,015,000 BYGO: The people of the planet Yugoha discover the abandoned homeworld of the Precursors in one of their first interstellar expeditions. They quickly learn the ways of Chaos and begin to experiment with its power.

Circa 1,014,000 BYGO: After thousands of years of experimentation, Yugohan scientists discover a way to manipulate Chaos in such a way as to create an embodiment of Light and creation, Empyrean. Unbeknownst to them, they also created an equal and opposite embodiment of Darkness and destruction, which would become known as Ottiuk the Spirit of Darkness. Using the power of Empyrean, Yugoha creates the Monster Spirit World and fills it with monster spirits. With the ability to call upon these spirits as soldiers and servants, Yugoha quickly becomes the largest spacefaring civilization since the Precursors. In order to avoid Empyrean’s full power from falling into enemy hands, the spell known as Another Hope was created and used to split Empyrean into its three parts, Chronos, Quantus, and Versal.

Circa 1,000,000 BYGO: By this time, the true origin of Chronos, Quantus and Versal, as well as Ottiuk, has been forgotten and distorted into religious doctrine.

15,005 BYGO: When Quantus and Chronos disagree on who should be the next Yugohan Emperor for the first time in history, the Yugohan Civil War begins between the Princes Seto and Yu-Gi-Oh. The golden age of Yugoha ends.

15,000 BYGO: With Yugoha all but lost to the Tyrian Empire after five years of civil war, and the realization that Ottiuk has grown more powerful than ever, the twin princes call a truce. Using the magic of Another Hope, the seal away Ottiuk’s power in to several different artifacts. Knowing that this is not a permanent solution, they also use Another Hope on themselves, splitting their souls and scattering the fragments across time. With the princes gone, the Tyrian Empire quickly conquers the remains of Yugoha and forms the New Yugohan Empire.

10,150 BYGO: The mysterious Orichalcos Stones appear in Atlantis, and the golden age of Atlantis begins.

10,000 BYGO: Atlantis sinks, and the three legendary knights, Critias, Hermos, and Timaeus disappear from the record.

Circa 5,100 BYGO: The New Yugohan Empire begins its plan to invade Earth and sends scouts to help ancients build the Stonehenge Cannon and the Pyramid Gigas of Giza.

5,015 BYGO: The Millennium Items are forged and the Shadow Games of Ancient Egypt begin.

5,000 BYGO: Pharaoh Atem defeats the Dark One, Zorc Necrophades, and relinquishes his kingdom to Priest Seto.

5,000 BYGO (Alternate Timeline): Soon after the defeat of Zorc, the Egyptian Lord of the Dead, Anubis, launches a personal war against the Pharaoh Atem. The Pyramid of Light is forged.

Circa 3,500 BYGO: New Yugoha completes the Moai Drones.

Circa 500 BYGO: New Yugoha builds the Machu Picchu Power Plant.

80 BYGO: The First Chaos War begins when the Chaos Emperor Dragon steals the Deck of Chaos.

20 BYGO: Maximilian Pegasus reveals his new card game called Duel Monsters to the world. It’s an instant hit.

15 BYGO: The Millennium Puzzle is uncovered.

0 BYGO/AYGO: The Duel Monsters World Champion, Seto Kaiba is defeated by the, at the time, unknown duelist, Yugi Muto.

0.1 AYGO: Pegasus holds the Duelist Kingdom Duel Monster Tournament, of which Yugi Muto wins and becomes the King of Games.

0.3 AYGO:  Two of the three Egyptian God Cards are stolen.

0.5 AYGO: The Duel Disk System is released world-wide. Seto Kaiba hosts the Battle City Tournament, which Yugi Muto wins, and acquires all three Egyptian God Cards.

0.75 AYGO (Alternate Timeline): Anubis, the Egyptian Lord of the Dead, is revived and continues his attack against the Pharaoh Atem. He is defeated once and for all by the combination of Atem and Yugi Muto.

1 AYGO: Atlantis raises up from under the ocean. This is the first time that Atlantis is excepted as a historical fact.

1.1 AYGO: The KC Grand Championships are held, and Yugi Muto defends his title of King of Games.

2 AYGO: People around the world begin to disappear without a trace. Seto Kaiba unveils a new generation of Duel Disks and duels Yugi Muto and a boy named Aigami in an exhibition tournament for it.

10 AYGO: The GX Tournament is held on Duel Academy Island, which Chazz Princeton wins.

11 AYGO: The Duel Academy is lost to another dimension under mysterious circumstances.

15 AYGO: An unknown duelist gets sent to the Realm of Chaos and ends the First Chaos War.

25 AYGO: The same unknown duelist is crowned the first Lord of Chaos.

30 AYGO: The Society of Chaos forms.

32 AYGO: Due to manipulation by Themis, a member of the Society of Chaos rediscovers Order and creates the Guardians of Order.

950 AYGO: Introduction of the Synchro monster, Duel Runners, and of Turbo Duels

980 AYGO: The Zero Reverse event occurs, and Domino City becomes New Domino.

1,000 AYGO: The World Racing Grand Prix is held, of which Team 5D’s wins.

1,050 AYGO: Due to the rejoining of New Domino City and Satellite, the city returns to the name, Domino City.

2,400 AYGO: The Duel Gazer System is introduced as an add on to the Duel Disk, and soon AR viewing replaces holographic images.

2,500 AYGO: The Xyz Monster is first revealed to the public.

2,520 AYGO: Mysterious Number Monsters begin to appear around the world.

2,521 AYGO: The World Duel Carnival is held in Heartland City. The champion is Yuma Tsukumo.

3,060 AYGO: Introduction of the Solid Vision Holograms lead to the creation of the Action Duel. A new set of rules is also introduced.

3,070 AYGO: According to legend, Yuya Sakaki creates the first Pendulum Monster, and performs the first Pendulum Summon.

3,195 AYGO: For unknown reasons, Pendulum Monsters, Action Duels, Solid Vision Holograms, and the new rules all go out of popularity.

4,385 AYGO: Due to increased corruption in the corporate world of dueling, along with the growing trends of villains using dueling for evil, the Ministry of Dueling is established, and the first Minister of Dueling is elected.

4,450 AYGO: The Evolution Monster is first announced.

4,500 AYGO: The Duel Gauntlet System replaces the long standing Duel Disk as the standard method of dueling.

4,999 AYGO: With the help of an unknown benefactor, the previous Lord of Chaos, Konton, travels to the Realm of Chaos, steals the Deck of Chaos, and takes control of the realm.

5,000 AYGO: The Duel Monsters World Champion, Seto Ossius, is defeated by Yuni Oha.

5,000.1 AYGO: The invite only tournament, The Duel Sanctuary, is hosted by the mysterious organization known as the Society of Chaos. Yuni Oha wins it.

5,000.5 AYGO: The Ministry of Dueling announces the first ever world-wide dueling tournament, the World of Duel. Yuni Oha defeats Konton, and becomes the next Lord of Chaos. After returning from the Chaos Realm, Yuni defeats Oblivion, the Lord of Darkness, in the World of Duel Finals and becomes the Second King of Games.

5,000.8 AYGO: The first ship New Yugohan Empire’s Invasion Fleet arrives at Earth. The Society of Light becomes active for the first time in almost 5,000 years. New Yugoha and the Society of Light ally themselves. New Yugoha announces its presence to Earth, pretending to be benevolent.

5,000.9 AYGO: The Light of Destruction is destroyed by Yuni Oha. New Yugoha begins the Invasion of Earth. Yuni Oha, Seto Ossius, and Ma’at defeat the New Yugohan Emperor Talok Xent and defeat the New Yugohan Empire. The restoration of Old Yugoha begins.

5,001.4 AYGO: Themis is defeated and Order rejoins with Chaos. The Guardians of Order are dissolved.

5,001.5 AYGO: In less than a night, Ottiuk conquers all of Earth. Within days he returns himself to full power, but is defeated by the combination of Yuni Oha, Yugi Muto, Pharaoh Atem, and Sir Timaeus. Once defeated, the revived Prince Yu-Gi-Oh removes him from existence entirely by recombining him with Empyrean, returning them both to neutral balance they used to be, eliminating Empyrean in the process. The now revived Princes Yu-Gi-Oh and Seto have one final duel to determine who will become the Yugohan Emperor. The duel is a tie, and they realize that it has always been their destiny to be co-emperors. They return to Yugoha to oversee its restoration.

5,002 AYGO: Earth is invited to join the Yugohan Empire and enter into a new age of civilization.


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