Episodes 111 and 112 Review

And that ends the shortest story arc I’ve attempted in Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium. These two episodes really served as the finale to both the plots of Chaos and Order. I’ve actually been building up for these episodes since the introduction of Order. When I first introduced Themis, I had no doubt in my mind that I would resurrect him in some way. I didn’t how until more recently, but I knew it had to be done. Also originally, Themis wasn’t going to be an immortal entity of Order, just a normal Lord of Order (well…at least as normal as a Lord of Order can be) that faked his own death to manipulate Ma’at. Then I started thinking about what I wanted the conclusion to the Order sub-plot to be. I couldn’t just end it with Ma’at staying as a Guardian of Order, but I couldn’t have him simply defecting back to the Society of Chaos. I needed something more meaningful. That’s where the idea for Order’s origin came from. When Themis pointed out that Ma’at’s Neo-Eunomia had New Order in its name for a reason, that’s actually something I’ve been planning from the beginning. I new that when it came time for Themis duel, his deck would be called the New World Order, as a pun on the concept, and the fact that he follows Order. Speaking of the New World Order deck, it’s worth pointing out that the four Evolution Monsters of the deck were based off of various secret societies. Master Mason represented the Free Masons, Templar Knight the Knight’s Templar, Rose Cross the Rosicrucians, and Illuminati, obviously, the Illuminati.

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Episode 97: In the Cards Part 1

Episode 97 is out and here.

War has been declared. The Society of Light has launched an all out offensive against the Society of Chaos. Now Yuni must lead an army of his followers in order to defend their way of life, and stop the Society of Light once and for all.

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Episode 82 Review

First off, I’m going to apologize. My summer break just started, and I’ve been away from home, so I haven’t been able to type. Now, let’s get down to business. In this episode we have the second strike of the mysterious Light group. This episode is set up for future conflict between the Guardians of Order and Society of Chaos. The deck used by Eos, the Judgment deck, was actually conceived only minutes before I started writing the episode. I have been wanting to do a deck based off of mythological creatures for a while now. This episode presented that opportunity. Random fact, the Leviathan of Judgment was the first Sea Serpent monster I’ve ever created.

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Episode 81 Review

This episode started a new subplot of the season. My original plan for this subplot used a group known as the League of Light, a group which would act as a counterpart to the Disciples of Darkness. I opted out of using the League for an option that allowed for more surprise and complexity of story. Who is this mysterious society? You’ll just have to keep on reading to find out. This episode also addressed the problem of the seemingly disinterest that Yuni has taken in the affairs of the Society of Chaos. It is here that Yuni begins to realize that being Lord of Chaos means a lot more than just dealing with the bad guys. One last note, Apollo’s deck, the Incarnates, was based off of the ancient Japanese deities known as the Lucky Gods. They were the first ever Spirit Monsters that I’ve ever created. On top of that, if they were real, they would be the first ever archetype of Spirit Monsters.

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Episode 81: Blinded by the Light

The wait is over, episode 81 is here.

Yuni is called to a meeting of the Council of Chaos, hearing rumors that they are dissatisfied with his method of running the Society of Chaos. Halfway through the meeting, there is an attack! Now Yuni must face this unknown duelist to stop him, and to prove himself worthy of maintaining his rank of Lord of Chaos.

On another note, some of the more observant amongst you might have noticed that I have changed the summary of this season. It use to make reference to the League of Light, an unknown organization. In the past few days I have decided to change the story somewhat of this season, so references to the League of Light are now gone, and instead replaced by the appropriate summary.

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Episode 49 Review

And here it is, the review of the premier episode of season 3!

***Spoiler Alert***

So as you can tell from reading the episode, the first half of season 3 will be based off of what happened to Yuni while he was away. Also, we’ll get some back story on matters of Chaos. Speaking of Chaos back story, an interesting note is that my story of the Chaos Wars, the Lord of of Chaos, and the origin of the Society of Chaos all come from an attempt I made to make my own Yu-Gi-Oh series many years ago. I was young back then, and the story never would have held up, but I have managed to salvage many things from it, such as my Chaos back story.  More on that story to come.

***End Spoiler Alert***

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The Next Generation is Here!

Not related to Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium, but I had to share this. The next Yu-Gi-Oh series has been announced! It’s called Arc-V, the v being pronounced as 5, as in the fifth incarnation of Yu-Gi-Oh (not counting Millennium). The main character (the one pictured) is called Yuya. Behind him are two Dark Magician like monsters. I would like to point out that one is black and one is white, as in light and dark. Could Yuya be a member of the Society of Chaos? Even if he isn’t, there’s a decent chance that he has something to do with Chaos. I wonder if there will be any other similarities to Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium. It comes out this April in Japan.

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