Episode 103: Emergence Part 1

Look for episode 103 here.

Zenith leads Yuni and the rest of the group to a special lab in order to purge himself and Brutus of their invasive Mind Partners, but all does not go according to plan.  Meanwhile, Trope leads a strike team of Chaos to rescue Cosmo and Celestia, but encounter more resistance than expected.

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Episodes 101 and 102 Review

Some say that to be a good author, you must first quote Shakespeare. For those who don’t know, the line Et Tu Brute comes from Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar. In the play, Caesar is assassinated by his best friend, Marcus Brutus (the namesake of Brutus Marc), at which point Caesar says to him “Et tu Brute?” In the play, Brutus did as he did because he was convinced it was the best for Rome by his fellow conspirator, Cassius. Since I first decided on the name for Brutus’ character, I knew that I had to have an episode where Brutus was taken over by means of some form of mind control and duel Yuni, in a similar vein to the time that Marik took control over Joey. I also knew that Yuni’s last line before almost losing would have to be “Then fall, Yuni” (as Casar’s last words were “Then fall, Caesar”). Initially, this episode was to take place back during Season 2, like the episode that inspired it was. I soon decided that Season 4 needed more content, and that if I was to use aliens for that season (which was all I had planned at the time), it would be interesting if the aliens abducted Brutus and experimented on him. I eventually came up with the idea of Mind Partners and decided that it was the perfect way for them to take over Brutus. With that, the modern incarnation of these episodes were born.

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Episode 100: Where No Duelist Has Gone Before

The 100th Episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium is out now! This monumental episode can be found here!

Invasion has come to Earth. The New Yugohan Empire has begun its relentless attack on Earth, and only Yuni, Seto, and Ma’at can stop it. Meanwhile, Zenith begins his sinister experimentation on Brutus.

I’d to thank you all for reading. It’s been almost exactly two years now, and 100 episodes, and it’s been great. It means so much to me that you all enjoy my story.

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Episode 92: My Enemy, My Friend Part 2

Episode 92 is here now!

Yuni and Yugi continue their duel against Zenith and Xenox. Yugi must prove that he is not at a disadvantage despite the fact that his cards are 5,000 years old. Meanwhile, Brutus and Tori are trying their best to stop the New Yugohan super weapon, the Pyramid Gigas.

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Episode 91: My Enemy, My Friend Part 1

Episode 91 can be found here.

After learning that New Yugoha is working on a secret project in Egypt, Yuni, Brutus, and Tori head to the land of the pyramids. Once there, they encounter Zenith. When Zenith challenges Yuni to a New Yugohan style duel, he has to team up with Yugi for the first time.

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Episode 90 Review

The goal of this episode was further the integration of the Society of Light into the season. As soon as I decided to bring the Society of Light into this season, I knew that I would have to bring back an old character who has now been taken over by the Society. I chose Sasuke, partly because of my bias towards ninjas, and partly because of the connection he forged with Yuni back in Season 1. Before now, it actually hadn’t been confirmed that any of the Duel Sanctuary finalists besides Tori and Brutus had been freed from Apep, as Yuni has yet to see any of them sense then.

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