Episode 82: Disorder

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Ma’at desperately attempts to keep the Guardians of Order out of war and maintain the peace. That peace however is suddenly shattered when Ma’at learns that a once trusted member of the Guardians has betrayed the society. Now Ma’at must fight against her and learn of her true motives.

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Episode 81 Review

This episode started a new subplot of the season. My original plan for this subplot used a group known as the League of Light, a group which would act as a counterpart to the Disciples of Darkness. I opted out of using the League for an option that allowed for more surprise and complexity of story. Who is this mysterious society? You’ll just have to keep on reading to find out. This episode also addressed the problem of the seemingly disinterest that Yuni has taken in the affairs of the Society of Chaos. It is here that Yuni begins to realize that being Lord of Chaos means a lot more than just dealing with the bad guys. One last note, Apollo’s deck, the Incarnates, was based off of the ancient Japanese deities known as the Lucky Gods. They were the first ever Spirit Monsters that I’ve ever created. On top of that, if they were real, they would be the first ever archetype of Spirit Monsters.

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Episode 81: Blinded by the Light

The wait is over, episode 81 is here.

Yuni is called to a meeting of the Council of Chaos, hearing rumors that they are dissatisfied with his method of running the Society of Chaos. Halfway through the meeting, there is an attack! Now Yuni must face this unknown duelist to stop him, and to prove himself worthy of maintaining his rank of Lord of Chaos.

On another note, some of the more observant amongst you might have noticed that I have changed the summary of this season. It use to make reference to the League of Light, an unknown organization. In the past few days I have decided to change the story somewhat of this season, so references to the League of Light are now gone, and instead replaced by the appropriate summary.

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Episode 80 Review

This episode was the first time that we’ve seen Ma’at since loosing to Yuni. It obvious that the combination of the vision of the first Lord of Order and Yuni’s mercy towards him has had a major impact on him. Ma’at’s question of the true meaning of Order only gets more complicated when e learns that the New Yugohans use Order as well. One thing I have to admit to. Normally when making the names of cards, I try to use names that would actually appear in the TCG or English anime, including the censoring. “Demon” becomes “Archfiend”, “Death” becomes “Des,” “Angel” becomes “Archlord,” and so on. I let that slip a little by calling an archetype the Cult of Order, since it would never be allowed to be called a cult in English. I thought that it was just too good of a name to give up, and not all that bad, so I did it anyways. However, I did sensor some other card ideas. The card Ritual Supply might have been called Volunteers for Tribute in Japan (you get it, right?). The same applied to several other cards used by Valex.

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Episode 80: Order of Operations

The 80th episode is out now! Read it here.

A lot has changed for Ma’at. He is no longer sure of the origin of Order, or if it even is superior to Chaos. He leaves on a journey to find the answers he needs, but along the way he gets mixed up with a New Yugohan. They duel, but little does Ma’at know, he’s dueling another master of Order.

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Episode 79 Review

While the last episode was the season premiere, this episode set the tone for the season, and this is only the beginning of the invasion to come. I’ll admit it, I am a supporter of the Ancient Astronaut Theory (for those who don’t know, it claims the thousands of years ago aliens came to Earth and their due to their advanced technology, humans thought that they were gods), and I’m basically invoking that theory in saying the the New Yugohans left behind Vanguards in the form of ancient monuments. I also have to admit, when making the character of Zant, I did borrow a little bit from Zexal, primarily from the character of Mizar (He has a dragon that is part of two archetypes, one of them being shared with Kite’s dragon). I couldn’t help myself, I thought it was too good of a chance to pass up, not to mention, it allowed me to reference the Red-Eyes Black Dragon, which happens to be my favorite card (explains some things about the Legend of Chaos, doesn’t it?).

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Episode 79: Kaiba Craft Down

Episode 79 is out now. Find it here.

Seto, now that his little brother is safe again, is attempting to go on a vacation. That falls apart when on the way he encounters a New Yugohan shuttlecraft and gets shot down. He is then forced into a duel with the New Yugohan High Adviser of the Sciences, who, despite his difference in deck styles, duels just like Seto, right down to his signature monster…

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