Magnetar Blast

Finally, here’s the first booster pack of Season 4.

Name: Magnetar Blast

Abbreviation: MGBT

Cover Card: Cosmic Magnetar Cannon, the Dragon Guardian of Yugoha

Contains cards from episodes 78-85

Introduces the following archetypes: Antimatter, Cult of Order, Incarnate, Judgment, and Astromancer

Also includes cards from the following archetypes: Cyber-Tech, Plasma, Cosmic, Order, Alien, and Toon

Contains card used by Yuni Oha, Zex Vor, Seto Ossius, Zant Kern, Ma’at, Valex Gi, Apollo, Eos, and Kodane Ossius.


Duelist Pack: Seto

I just created another Duelist Pack, and this time it’s everyone’s favorite rival, Seto Ossius!

Name: Duelist Pack: Seto (DPST)

Cover Cards: Cosmic Plasma Dragon, Quantus, the Spatial Lord, and Plasma Wyvern

30 cards, 2 Ultra Rares, 4 Super Rares, 7 Rares, and 17 commons

DPST-EN001 Cosmic Plasma Dragon (UR)
DPST-EN002 Quantus, the Spatial Lord (UR)
DPST-EN003 Plasma Wyvern (R)
DPST-EN004 Plasma Serpent
DPST-EN005 Plasma Mage
DPST-EN006 Plasma Striker
DPST-EN007 Plasma Force (R)
DPST-EN008 Plasma Soul
DPST-EN009 Plasma Mimic
DPST-EN010 Plasma Beast (R)
DPST-EN011 Plasma Vanguard
DPST-EN012 Cosmic Summoner
DPST-EN013 Cosmic Wizard

DPST-EN014 Plasma Kaiser (SR)
DPST-EN015 Plasma Lord (SR) (This card is a Synchro monster, but white text does not show up)
DPST-EN016 Cosmic Tri-Pulsar Dragon* (SR)
DPST-EN017 Darkness Evolution: Dark Cosmic Void Dragon* (SR)

DPST-EN018 Plasma Stream
DPST-EN019 Plasma Flow (R)
DPST-EN020 Plasma Matter (R)
DPST-EN021 Plasma Boost
DPST-EN022 Dark Cosmic Entanglement
DPST-EN023 Dark Cosmic Seduction (R)
DPST-EN024 Super Nova

DPST-EN025 Plasma Barrier
DPST-EN026 Plasma Phase Shift
DPST-EN027 Plasma Influx
DPST-EN028 Cosmic Calling (R)
DPST-EN029 Cosmic Paradox
DPST-EN030 Dragon Soul

The New World Order

Now for the third booster pack of Season 3

Name: The New World Order

Abbreviation: TNWO

Cover Card: Divine Dragon of the New Order – Neo-Eunomia

Spans Episodes: 62-69

Introduces the following archetypes: Celestial Grace

Also includes the following archetypes: Cyber-Tech, Lord of D., Plasma, Cosmic, and Order

Includes cards used by: Yuni Oha, The Lord of D., Seto Ossius, Celestia, and Ma’at

Shadow Storm

Here’s the final booster pack of season 2!

Name: Shadow Storm

Abbreviation: SHSM

Cover Card: Supreme Darkness Evolution: Lich Lord the Divine

Spans Episodes: 42-48

Introduces the following archetypes: Cryptic and Barbarous

Also contains the following archetypes: Plasma, Cosmic, Phantom Nebula, Darkness Evolution, Lithic, Monolithic, Invader, Cyber-Tech, Lich, Steelswarm, Archfiend, and Dark World.

Contains cards used by: Seto Ossius, Scourge, Brutus Marc, Tori Rekishi, Enigma, Savage, Zenith Xenox, Yugi Muto (Yuni Oha), Ruin, Plague, Demon, and Doom.

And with that, we have finally caught up the booster packs with the series. From this point on, expect a booster pack every 6-8 episodes.

By the way, I just added another information page, this one about he Duel Gauntlet. Be sure to read it.

Until next time, duel on!

Power of Yugoha

The companion booster pack to Wisdom of Yugoha

Name: Power of Yugoha

Abbreviation: POYG

Cover Card: Quantus, the Spatial Lord

Contains cards from episodes: 30-35

Introduces the following archetypes: Darkfire and Shadowfrost

Also contains: Cyber-Tech, Yugohan Lord, Plasma, Cosmic, and Lich

Contains cards used by: Yuni Oha/Yugi Muto, Seto Ossius, Cinder, Frostbite, Brutus Marc, Chance Gambit, and Ruin

Note: While Quantus was released in the story at the same time as Chronos, I felt it was appropriate for both to be their own cover card, so I decided to push back the release of Quantus until now.

Until next time, duel on!

Wisdom of Yugoha

In order to celebrate our entry into the finale of Season 2, here’s the first booster pack of Season 2.

Name: Wisdom of Yugoha

Abbreviation: WOYG

Cover Card: Chronos, the Temporal Lord

Contains cards from episodes: 24-29

Introduces the following archetypes: Lich, Phantom Nebula, Darkness Evolution, Yugohan Lord, Sub-Zero, and Historic Warrior

Also includes the following archetypes: Cyber-Tech, Plasma, Cosmic, Order, Lithic, Monolithic, and Megalithic

Contains cards used by: Yuni Oha, Seto Ossius, Ruin, Scourge, Brutus Marc, Sly, Ma’at, Tori Rekishi, and Professor Jones

Until next time, duel on!

Light of the Pulsar

Here’s the next booster pack!

Name: Light of the Pulsar

Abbreviation: LOTP

Cover Card: Cosmic Tri-Pulsar Dragon

Contains cards from episodes 12-17

Introduces the following archetypes: Lithic, Monolithic, and Megalithic

Also contains the following archetypes: Cyber-Tech, Plasma, Cosmic, Band of Thieves, and Ninja

Contains cards used by: Yuni Oha, Seto Ossius, Tori Rekishi, Brutus Marc, Goto, and Sasuke

Until next time, duel on!