Episode 127 Review

Let’s start off talking about the duel. To tell the truth, it was very much cut down in scope from the vision I originally had for it. As Kaiba was my favorite character of the original show, and Blue-Eyes was my second favorite monster (next to only Red-Eyes), I had some grand plans for this duel. Sadly, the story proved to take to long to tell to fit an intricate duel. The reason for the duel taking place over the course of two episodes, but not being a two-part episode is because the story told both before and after the duel was to long and important. I had no choice but to shorten the duel and split it up across two episodes. Originally I wanted to create an entire Blue-Eyes archetype (something that the real card game has refused to do for some reason). You can see the remains of the archetype in the two Blue-Eyes monsters I did make, as well as a couple of Spell and Trap Cards Kaiba used. I still liked the way the duel turned out, it just wasn’t as fun or as much as a celebration of Blue-Eyes as I wanted it to be.

Onto the second part of the episode. I’m sure some of you are wondering “why bring back Capsule Monsters of all things?” the answer is simple. Despite getting an entire mini-series devoted to it, Capsule Monster has a fairly undeveloped story. I want to develop further, just like I did with Atlantis and the Pyramid of Light. I was originally inspired to do Capsule Monster when I was thinking about possibly having Yugi use the Duel Armor as a way to increase his power. I thought that would be weird without Capsule Monsters. Then I realized that I could base the entire story off of Capsule Monsters and it would work perfectly. I have a few other reasons too, but you’ll have to wait for those. And yes, I did have the gall to kill Yugi off.

Until next time, duel on!


Episode 79 Review

While the last episode was the season premiere, this episode set the tone for the season, and this is only the beginning of the invasion to come. I’ll admit it, I am a supporter of the Ancient Astronaut Theory (for those who don’t know, it claims the thousands of years ago aliens came to Earth and their due to their advanced technology, humans thought that they were gods), and I’m basically invoking that theory in saying the the New Yugohans left behind Vanguards in the form of ancient monuments. I also have to admit, when making the character of Zant, I did borrow a little bit from Zexal, primarily from the character of Mizar (He has a dragon that is part of two archetypes, one of them being shared with Kite’s dragon). I couldn’t help myself, I thought it was too good of a chance to pass up, not to mention, it allowed me to reference the Red-Eyes Black Dragon, which happens to be my favorite card (explains some things about the Legend of Chaos, doesn’t it?).

Until next time, duel on!

Episode 64 Review

***Spoiler Alert***

I was so happy to write this episode. The Lord of D./Flute archetype is one that I’ve had in mind for years now. Several years ago, I came up with the idea of an archetype of monsters who take the name of Lord of D., and a group of additional Flute of ____ Dragons cards. I always believed this to be a fairly realistic idea, one that Konami might announce any day. My hopes were brought up a little when they announced the Lady of D., but sadly, it was no where near what I wanted. I was so glad when I realized that I finally had an excuse to put that deck into Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium. Something else to note about the Lord of D.’s deck were the dragon monsters he used. Normally I am against using special cards, or cards that were a character’s signature card, especially Number monsters (think about it, shouldn’t all the Numbers go away when Astral leaves?), but I figured since this was just a computer program, it was okay to use my four most favorite monsters of all time, the Red-Eyes Black Dragon, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon, and Number 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon (Kind of weird that my favorite monsters are all ___-Eyes ____ Dragon monsters).

***End Spoiler Alert***

Until  next time, duel on!