Episodes 101 and 102 Review

Some say that to be a good author, you must first quote Shakespeare. For those who don’t know, the line Et Tu Brute comes from Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar. In the play, Caesar is assassinated by his best friend, Marcus Brutus (the namesake of Brutus Marc), at which point Caesar says to him “Et tu Brute?” In the play, Brutus did as he did because he was convinced it was the best for Rome by his fellow conspirator, Cassius. Since I first decided on the name for Brutus’ character, I knew that I had to have an episode where Brutus was taken over by means of some form of mind control and duel Yuni, in a similar vein to the time that Marik took control over Joey. I also knew that Yuni’s last line before almost losing would have to be “Then fall, Yuni” (as Casar’s last words were “Then fall, Caesar”). Initially, this episode was to take place back during Season 2, like the episode that inspired it was. I soon decided that Season 4 needed more content, and that if I was to use aliens for that season (which was all I had planned at the time), it would be interesting if the aliens abducted Brutus and experimented on him. I eventually came up with the idea of Mind Partners and decided that it was the perfect way for them to take over Brutus. With that, the modern incarnation of these episodes were born.

Until next time, duel on!