Episode 79 Review

While the last episode was the season premiere, this episode set the tone for the season, and this is only the beginning of the invasion to come. I’ll admit it, I am a supporter of the Ancient Astronaut Theory (for those who don’t know, it claims the thousands of years ago aliens came to Earth and their due to their advanced technology, humans thought that they were gods), and I’m basically invoking that theory in saying the the New Yugohans left behind Vanguards in the form of ancient monuments. I also have to admit, when making the character of Zant, I did borrow a little bit from Zexal, primarily from the character of Mizar (He has a dragon that is part of two archetypes, one of them being shared with Kite’s dragon). I couldn’t help myself, I thought it was too good of a chance to pass up, not to mention, it allowed me to reference the Red-Eyes Black Dragon, which happens to be my favorite card (explains some things about the Legend of Chaos, doesn’t it?).

Until next time, duel on!