Episodes 130 and 131 Review

This is actually the first time I’ve done an two-part episode for an episode without a duel. The real reason for that is that these episodes were originally intended to only be one, but that one episode got so long that I had to split it up.

These episodes were inspired by the finale of the Capsule Monster series (for obvious reasons). I had decided that while I wanted an ultimate game, I wanted to make it at least a little different from what was done the first time, so I spread it out across the entire map, instead of keeping it in one arena. The entire point of the “king” commanding his “game pieces” was meant to reference the fact that Capsule Monsters was a chess-like game. I wanted to recapture that chess-like element.

One thing of note was all the monsters that appeared in these episodes. I worked hard to make sure that I found a match of a card that was old enough to be in Capsule Monsters that fit with each of the characters. I gave Freed the Matchless General to Alexander the Great because he was a matchless commander of armies, and I gave him Zera the Mant to reflect his darker side as Yami Alexander. Julius Caesar got The Agent of Creation – Venus for more reasons than it just being a Roman goddess. The Caesar family claimed descent from Venus. As for Napoleon and St. Joann, not only are they two of the most famous figures in French history, but Napoleon actually declared Joann of Arc a national figure of France. Charlemagne got Kuraz the Light Monarch because he was the Holy Roman Empire, and Kuraz is actually meant to represent Christ. I will admit though, giving Genghis Khan his Garma Sword was a bit of a tap out because I had no ideas for what to give him.

Finally, let’s talk about the largest implications of this episode: the fact that the Power of the King is in fact Another Hope. I’m just going to admit right now that I didn’t even come up with that idea until I rewatching Capsule Monsters a few weeks ago to study up for these episodes. I realized that it would be interesting to have the Power of the King play a part in the plot, and then I realized that this could be a great chance to give backstory to Another Hope at the same time. The ironic thing to me, is that most people online seem to consider Capsule Monsters to be non-canon (I personally disagree), but if my story was to be a real series, not only would it be canon, but the Power of the King is now one of the most important items in all of Yu-Gi-Oh.

Until next time, duel on!


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