Episode 124 Review

Giving Priest Seto a deck based off of excavation was a last minute decision. I started writing this episode and then realized that I had no idea what deck to give Priest Seto. By this point in the series I have pretty much used up every deck idea I had come up with already. That I night I just started thinking of different gimmicks and mechanics I hadn’t used yet. After a little while I remembered excavation and realized that it would fit thematically in an Egyptian-based deck. Speaking of the theme of the deck, each of those monsters (except the Legendary White Dragon) where based off of different mythological creatures of Egyptian Mythology. The Legendary White Dragon is actually a funny story. If you go back and watch the Dawn of the Duel, never once do they call it the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. They only call it the White Dragon. This was the perfect opportunity for me to make it a different monster to fit better in my story.

Until next time, duel on!


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