Episode 118 Review

So normally I’ll only do one review per two part episode, but I decided that since this was a two part episode featuring two different duels (which is something I’ve never done before), I’d just go ahead an review them as two separate episodes. Perhaps most important about this episode is it ends the five episode duel drought that’s been going on since episode 113. As I said before, I’d never gone more than a single episode without a duel before, so this definitely was an interesting experience. If you look back to the Dawn of the Duel arc, there was only three duels the entire time, Kaiba vs. Bakura, Yugi vs. Bakura, and Yugi vs. Atem, the rest was all ancient Egyptian shadow games. I’m somewhat modeling off of that by not having the focus on dueling, but I just couldn’t cut it out as completely as was done then. The inspiration for Timaeus’ deck should be obvious, as it was meant to synergize with the Eye of Timaeus card, but I also made it the way I did because despite being five seasons and 118 episodes into the series, I had yet to make a true Fusion-based deck. Sure, a couple of duelists had Fusions as their ace monsters, but no one used a deck that had the central strategy of Fusion Summoning.

Until next time, duel on!


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