Episode 109 Review

The major point of interest of this episode was Amaterasu’s deck. I’ve always been of the opinion that modern Yu-Gi-Oh is really all about archetypes, and yet even up through Zexal, most characters don’t use true archetypes. Most characters seem to use decks based off of vaguely related monsters and/or themes. Normally, I do archetypes instead. Actually, every single character up until this point has used an archetype-based deck. Amaterasu is my first character not to. I already new that Amaterasu’s deck would be based off of a lock-down strategy of some kind, as to go with the theme of alternative decks for the Hand of Order. I realized that in the real game, most lock-downs come from unrelated cards that happen to work together. I figured I should replicate that here. In order to add to the realism, I made it my goal to utilize as many real-world cards as possible.

Until next time, duel on!


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