Episode 108 Review

This episode starts the Odyssey of Order sub-season, of the name being taken from this episode’s title. What do I mean by sub-season? I’m referring to a confined story arc, similar to a season, but smaller. This one is meant to parallel the KC Grand Championships arc of the original series. I’ll be completely honest, I’m not a giant fan of structuring the season like this. I have big plans for the final season, and it seems like a shame to start with an unrelated plot, but this is one of those times were I have to remind myself that part of my point in writing this is to parallel the original series. My original plan for this sub-season included Yuni fighting four elite duelists, all specializing in a special type of deck (a relic of which is Utu’s milling deck). For you Pokémon fans out there, think of it as some kind of Duel Monsters version of the Elite Four. An interesting result of the duel was learning that Yuni only keeps 40 cards in his deck. To anyone who has looked at the Card Database, it is obvious that Yuni has used many more cards than this. This infers that Yuni is constantly changing his deck. In fact, it is possible that Yuni never duels with the same deck twice.

Until next time, duel on!


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