Movie Review

It was around Season 3 that I first decided that I wanted to write a “movie.” I figured that since I was trying to write this as if it were an actual TV series, I should go all the way and include a tie in movie. My initial idea was actually to have the return of the Millennium Items. This would of course entail a cameo appearance by Yami Yugi/Atem. As I thought it over though, it seemed like the story would borrow too much from the original series, and seemed a little stereotypical for a fan fiction. There was another reason too, but I’ll keep that one as a surprise for now. I was currently planning for the finale of Season 3, and thought it could be interesting to build upon Yuni giving into his dark half once more, so the concept that I ended up using was born. I personally thought it was a great idea because while it built upon the series, it was also able to stand alone. Also the story allowed me to incorporate Yugoha and Chaos, the two most major plot points of the series. In the end, this movie was really my way of celebrating the coming of the final season. I hope you guys enjoyed it.

Until next time, duel on!


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