Episodes 103 and 104 Review

My original plan, way back when I first conceived of this season, was to have Zenith remain evil and have these episodes feature the final duel between Yuni and Zenith. Sometimes in Yu-Gi-Oh, it seems like the enemy is redeemed much to easily. It can make for better stories, but it also seems a little stereotypical at times. At first I wanted to avoid the stereotype by not giving Zenith redemption, but eventually I decided that it just wouldn’t make as good of a story, so I came up with the current idea and compromised. The way I compromised was by not necessarily redeeming Zenith. While we may know that he was sincere in his actions, as Xenox confirmed that, we never really learn if he was deserving of forgiveness and redemption. Ultimately, I left it up to you, the reader, whether or not he should be forgiven. So, what do you think? If anyone wants to leave a comment explaining their opinion, I’d be interested in reading them.

Until next time, duel on!


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