Episodes 91 and 92 Review

I’ve been building up for the chance to have a Yuni and Yugi vs. Zenith and Xenox duel for a while now. I’ll admit, It wasn’t perfect the way it came out, but it was still good nonetheless. I’ve always thought about the fact that any character back in the original series would be at a major disadvantage when put up against today’s decks, and I don’t even mean just competitive styled decks. Yugi’s deck comes from a time when Normal Monsters made up the bulk of a deck, and Effect Monsters were special. Today Normal Monsters only have a small niche and everything has effects that far outclass what there used to be. At the same time though, Yugi still did have some cards (that once they had a little help from some cards I made) could actually do something.

Until next time, duel on!


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