Episode 83 Review

My Pokemon break is over, back to Yu-Gi-Oh.

A quick piece of trivia I forgot to give before, the three Weapons of Yugoha are called the Chronoton Staff, Graviton Cannon, and Higgs Boson Shield. Two of those three names come from theoretical, subatomic particles in Quantum Physics. A chronoton is theoretical particle that deals with time, while a graviton transfers the force of gravity. The Higgs Boson is a special particle that was theorized to give mass to matter. It was discovered just over a year ago. So in a way, we have particles dealing with time, space, and reality.

A Call to Arms, first off, is the first episode to feature Ma’at in a prominent role, but not have Order in the episode’s title. For all intents and purposes, this episode ends the Yuni vs. Ma’at story line that we’ve been following. From this point on, those two are allies, at least until I decide otherwise of course. The most shocking (or maybe not, if you’re a Yu-Gi-Oh expert, and picked up all of my hints) reveal of the episode was the end, where we learn that the mysterious hooded man of light is in fact Sartorius, leader of the Society of Light. For those who don’t remember or know, the Society of Light was an organization from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, which was created so that the evil Light of Destruction could take over the Earth (destroy it in the Japanese version). What does this mean for Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium? You’ll just have to keep on reading.


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