The Best Yu-Gi-Oh Card Ever

I’d thought that today would be a good day to talk to you all about one of my favorite cards, one that is severely underestimated. As anyone who has been to a Yu-Gi-Oh tournament would know, drawing cards is a big deal. Today’s meta decks are full of stuff like Card Car D, Pot of Duality and more, but there is one card that beats all of those. I’m talking about Heroic Gift.

This amazing card can only be used when your opponent has 2000 life points or less, but it is worth the wait. You basically get to draw two cards for free! When I say free, I mean that you don’t have to give up anything, unlike that pesky Card Car D, which basically ends your turn once you use it. But that’s not even the best part! It would seem that duels today go way too fast, Heroic Gift also solves this problem. It make your opponent’s life points become 8000! How amazing is that!? You get to draw two cards without paying anything, and then you get to make the duel last even longer, allowing you to actually have the time to use your two new cards, and have a whole lot more fun. Despite being a Heroic card, this card can be used in any deck, so why not go out and get a copy…or two…or three today!

Until next time, get your game on!


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