Duelist Pack: Seto

I just created another Duelist Pack, and this time it’s everyone’s favorite rival, Seto Ossius!

Name: Duelist Pack: Seto (DPST)

Cover Cards: Cosmic Plasma Dragon, Quantus, the Spatial Lord, and Plasma Wyvern

30 cards, 2 Ultra Rares, 4 Super Rares, 7 Rares, and 17 commons

DPST-EN001 Cosmic Plasma Dragon (UR)
DPST-EN002 Quantus, the Spatial Lord (UR)
DPST-EN003 Plasma Wyvern (R)
DPST-EN004 Plasma Serpent
DPST-EN005 Plasma Mage
DPST-EN006 Plasma Striker
DPST-EN007 Plasma Force (R)
DPST-EN008 Plasma Soul
DPST-EN009 Plasma Mimic
DPST-EN010 Plasma Beast (R)
DPST-EN011 Plasma Vanguard
DPST-EN012 Cosmic Summoner
DPST-EN013 Cosmic Wizard

DPST-EN014 Plasma Kaiser (SR)
DPST-EN015 Plasma Lord (SR) (This card is a Synchro monster, but white text does not show up)
DPST-EN016 Cosmic Tri-Pulsar Dragon* (SR)
DPST-EN017 Darkness Evolution: Dark Cosmic Void Dragon* (SR)

DPST-EN018 Plasma Stream
DPST-EN019 Plasma Flow (R)
DPST-EN020 Plasma Matter (R)
DPST-EN021 Plasma Boost
DPST-EN022 Dark Cosmic Entanglement
DPST-EN023 Dark Cosmic Seduction (R)
DPST-EN024 Super Nova

DPST-EN025 Plasma Barrier
DPST-EN026 Plasma Phase Shift
DPST-EN027 Plasma Influx
DPST-EN028 Cosmic Calling (R)
DPST-EN029 Cosmic Paradox
DPST-EN030 Dragon Soul


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