Epsiodes 68 and 69 Review

***Spoiler Alert***

The second time that Yuni faced Ma’at (third if you can’t when Yugi dueled him), but the first time that he’s faced him as the Lord of Chaos. Ma’at is meant to be the “second rival” of Yuni. Aside from Seto, he is the only person to beat Yuni (well, sort of…) so this duel meant a lot more than any random duel with Yuni. In this duel, we began to see why Order is not the perfect thing that Ma’at makes it out be, but it is in fact something that can corrupt its users. While the first episode was more of a free flowing, randomized duel, the second episode featured more of a structured and controlled duel. I normally prefer not to use structured duels (I always mock Zexal for using them), but I thought that just this time it might be appropriate. One last note of interest. In case you don’t remember or didn’t read it, in an earlier post I said that the story of the First Lord of Chaos was based off of an early Yu-Gi-Oh story that I made. Since I was young when I made that, it was a self-insert story, so when I’m describing the first Lord of Chaos in the vision, I’m actually describing an anime version of myself.

***End Spoiler***

Until next time, duel on!


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