Episode 48 Review

And here it is, the review for the final episode of season 2!

***Spoiler Alert***

It feels so nice to have finished writing season 2. This episode was full of surprises. We had the brand new Supreme Darkness Evolution, and Yugi’s use of Slifer the Sky Dragon. The idea for a Supreme Darkness Evolution is actually an idea that came to me only a couple of weeks ago. I thought, “Hey, if a Darkness Evolution is an Evolution of an Evolution monster, than why can’t I Evolve a Darkness Evolution into another Darkness Evolution?” And so the idea was born. As for the other surprise, I had that planned for Yugi to use Slifer in this duel since I first decided to have Yugi take control. Especially since I’ve been having Yugi use a new version of different famous cards of his, I figured it be a good conclusion to have Yugi use one of his most famous cards of all time. Also, I managed to draw a direct connection between Slifer and Chronos, beyond just the looks, but more on that in a later season. Another interesting note of this episode were the three unknown Disciples of Darkness in the Battle Royale. I gave each of their already existing archetypes a new Evolution and Darkness Evolution monster. The Steelswarms were given Steelswarm Cyclone, and Darkness Evolution: Steelswarm Goliath, presumably evolved from Steelswarm Hercules, and named after the cyclomatus and goliath beetles, just as other Steelswarms are based off of bugs, especially beetles. The Archfiends got Archfiend Lord of Doomsday, and Darkness Evolution: High Archfiend Lord of Armageddon, supposedly evolved from Archfiend Emperor, the First Lord of Terror, whose Japanese name involved genesis. Finally, the Dark Worlds got Bleck, Master of Dark World and Darkness Evolution: Shide, High Lord of Dark World, presumably evolved from Reign-Beaux, Overlord of Dark World. Their names are distortion of Black and Shade, just as all of the other Dark World monsters are distortions of colors. I was only sad that I couldn’t make the full card stats and effects of these cards. Finally, just as I ended season 1, season 2 was finished in a mysterious appearance by Otto. I can’t give many details on that, but expect to see more of him around in the future.

***End Spoiler Alert***

Season 3: Guardian of the Balance premiers later tonight! Stay tuned!

Until next time, duel on!


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