Strength of the Duelist

Name: Strength of the Duelist

Abbreviation: SOTD

Cover Card: Brutal Dragon, the Lord of Power

Episodes: 13-18

Introduces the following archetypes: Dark Hive, Night Terror, Prophetic, Shadowsaur

Also contains: Cyber-Tech, Order, Lithic, Monolithic, and Megalithic

Contains cards used by: Yugi Muto (Yuni Oha), Swarm, Brutus Marc, Phantasm, Ma’at, Tori Rekishi, Omen, and Tyrant

Note: In the previous booster pack, Power of Yugoha, I made a mistake and on the list of archetypes, I forgot to mention the Invader archetype, used by Zenith.

Until next time, duel on!


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