Advent of Chaos

Time for the final booster pack from Season 1

Name: Advent of Chaos

Abbreviation: AVCS

Cover card: Chaos-Tech Imperial Dragon – Emissary of Destruction and Chaos-Tech Shining Soldier – Emissary of Creation

Contains cards from episodes: 18-23

Introduces the following archetypes: Dragon of Subjugation and Chaos-Tech

Also contains cards from the following archetypes: Cyber-Tech and Chaos

Contains cards used by: Yuni Oha, Brutus Marc, Katsu Tatsu, and Apophis.

Just a note on this pack, I know it is strange to have two cover cards on a main stream booster pack, but I felt that I couldn’t put one on, without the other. It is the fundamental theory of Chaos after all. Also, this pack fits the theme made by Invasion of Chaos, Crossroads of Chaos, and Order of Chaos, all of which are called ______ of Chaos.

Until next time, duel on!






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