I’m Back and Episode 39 Review

I’m back! After a three week break, it’s time to get back to writing. Let’s start off with a review of the last episode I wrote, Episode 39: The New Order Part 2!

***Spoiler Alert***

Let’s see. It’s been a while. While part one of The New Order was an emotionally charged episode, part two contrasted with an action packed duel. In this episode, I introduced some of the most complex moves I made in a duel yet. The last time that I had Yuni (and Yugi) face off against Ma’at, they pretty much lost. So, it seemed only natural that this next time ended as a draw. In this and the last episode, I also brought back Otto, making his first appearance since the season one finale, so also for the first time knowing that he is a bad guy. These episodes also revealed that he has some special powers, such as when he inserted himself into the data chip. You can expect to see more of him later.

***End Spoiler Alert***

Episode 40 coming soon!

Until next time, duel on!


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