Booster Packs!

It’s time for some of that exclusive content I promised you. This comes straight out of my mind. Sometimes I like to think, if Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium was a real show, what booster packs would be released along with the episodes. Since I started writing, I’ve been thinking about this, and have come up with several ideas. Every once in a while now, I’ll post the name and information on each booster pack. Now introducing the first: Plasma Burst.

Name: Plasma Burst

Cover Card: Cosmic Plasma Dragon

Abbreviation: PSBT

Contains cards from episodes 1-6

Introduces the following archetypes: Plasma, Cyber-Tech, Fiendish, Metamorphic, and Twilight

Also contains cards from the following archetypes: Chaos

Contains cards used by: Yuni Oha, Seto Ossius, Sly, Brutus Marc, Mite, and Trope.

I have many more to come. About every six or so episodes there is new booster pack. I’ll continuously post about other ones until I catch up to the current episodes, so stay tuned!

Until next time, duel on!


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